Edition 4

Liz Pellicano with an important perspective on a devastating condition.

Valerie Yule argues for drastic action in the fight against reading problems

Valerie Yule argues for drastic action in the fight against reading problems.
As psychologists, we research the nature of literacy and literacy skills. We assess and address defects in...

Susan Hansen presents a counterpoint argument to Tom Stafford's February article

Going the proverbial extra mile
In the February issue Tom Stafford examined an accusation often levelled at psychology. Susan Hansen thinks we need to take another look at what ‘common sense...

Web resources; boredom and mindfulness; after trauma; clinical psychologists under threat; and more

Please feed the spiders

Do you provide your students with links to online resources? Are your materials in a secure system such as blackboard? If so, did you realise you are helping to kill...

Government still favours regulation by HPC; new Society journal and public engagement project; statistical reporting; and more

Government still favours regulation by HPC
The government continues to seek the regulation of applied psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors through the Health Professions Council (...

New president Pam Maras offers up her first column

This is my first column, and I have tried to heed the Editor’s advice to avoid being too ‘presidential’, and to include non-Society business. I’m afraid I probably haven’t succeeded in the latter...

At the Society's Annual Conference in York, outgoing President Ray Miller delivered his address: 'Fit for the future?'

The portrayal of brain injury, from psychologist and patient perspectives

Traumatic realism?

AT the end of a week where I’d talked to a Canadian radio documentary about the coverage of psychological ideas in the arts, I settled down to watch Recovery (BBC1), a...

Seminar on social inclusion; policy support unit; and more

Social inclusion – Our business? The Society’s Professional Practice Board is sponsoring a seminar on social inclusion, to take place on 5 October. David Carew from the Department for Work and...

Emphasising strength; critical psychiatry - the limits of madness; lifespan cognition; and more

Counselling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Clare Draucker & Donna Martsolf
London: Sage; 2006
Pb £18.99 (ISBN 1 4129 2239 9)
Reviewed by Rebecca Williams