Edition 7

Stephen Joseph takes a look at psychology, social injustice and mental health, from a community psychology perspective.

We would all agree that psychology can be applied to health and social care. But what is more controversial is how psychology is applied. There are many that would argue that the profession of...

Oliver James argues that cross-cultural differences in emotional distress stem from a country’s governance.

In the last 30 years there have been hundreds of community surveys of mental illness prevalence, and over 200 of European samples (Fryers et al., 2004). Unfortunately, methodological differences...

The Midlands Psychology Group questions whether Lord Layard’s focus is all wrong. Perhaps unhappiness is one of our most precious assets?

Recent times have seen the science and politics of ‘happiness’ endorsed by commentators of all persuasions, including the Conservatives and New Labour, who have welcomed the proposals of Richard...

Jack Nissan, winner in the undergraduate category of our Student Writer Competition, on surprising findings surrounding the memory of people with Alzheimer’s.
Samuel R. Nyman, winner in the postgraduate category, on ways of preventing falls in older people without creating a stigma.

Judges’ report
This was the ninth annual Student Writer Competition, sponsored by The Psychologist, the Research Board and the Professional Practice Board. The number of entries was...

Including more on the diagnosis debate, and the impact of TV on child development.

Including Christian Jarrett on psychological implications of the smoking ban.

Pam Maras writes.

What’s in a name? I’ve had correspondence about names in relation to statutory regulation in the last month, focusing mainly on who will and will not regulated, what the regulated title will be...

Harriet Gross and Jill Owen write.

Including health psychology, memory, moving house and more.