Edition 8

Zimbardo's 'The Lucifer Effect' reviewed.

Projecting yourself
Grace Lau links statistics to fashion, shopping, and dating.

ENJOY learning about psychology but find the statistics a struggle? Doing class projects would lighten things up by mixing the potentially scary statistics with the more interesting bits of...

Chris Hackley feels that a modern understanding of the psychology involved in marketing can help us to critically engage with it.

Psychology is put to many uses beyond the discipline. In marketing, these can be especially controversial. In 1957 Vance Packard’s Hidden Persuaders described how the marketing industry used depth...

Mark Burton and Carolyn Kagan on how organised psychology should respond.

How can organised psychology best promote and protect human rights in relation to military occupation and the detention of terrorist suspects or insurgents?

Our journalist Christian Jarrett talks to people working at the forefront of neurochemical research.

With so much contemporary psychology preoccupied by a purely phrenological mission to map out which neural areas are active during which tasks, it’s easy to forget all those chemicals washing...

Mark J. Forshaw argues that it is time to…

As we are all aware, psychology has changed, throughout its short life. It is possible to identify trends in its history. It has been through periods dominated by introspection and philosophical...

Tom Farsides with a review of the evidence and how we might foster a more prosocial society.

Where’d all the good people go?
I’ve been changing channels;
I don’t see them on the TV shows.
Where’d all the good people go?
We got heaps and heaps of what we sow.

Including critical psychology and the diagnosis debate, public engagement, audio versions of The Psychologist and more.

Including the Mental Health Bill, the lure of neuroscience, and much more.