Suicidality – what is ‘help’?

John Raven writes.

The BPS position statement Understanding and Preventing Suicide: A Psychological Perspective (to which attention is drawn in the November issue of The Psychologist) may appear to be benign. But, in reality, it further marginalises the increasing number of people who, while still of sound mind, wish to choose to die by a means of their own choosing. Its tone and approach supports those, including often incomprehensibly vicious police, who feel they


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People should have choice to live or die. We never asked for a life on this earth, we were given it. It should be a human right to be able to chose when to leave it and how we do. 

I guess assisted suicide is somewhat a "taboo" subject. Many people do not like to talk about death and, when assisting someone to die blame has to be given to someone, right? This could well be a major factor why endless amount of help is offered because no one wants that blame. Would it be acceptable for a medical professional to euthanise someone because they don't like their life? A lot of people would disagree, but then that brings us back to having the right to live, but also having the right to die. It is our life, why can't we decide to take it? Because society think that we must live out our life and it is the right thing to do?