Edition 9

Lee A. Wilkinson looks at adults with Asperger’s syndrome

Despite plenty of research and clinical studies related to children and adolescents with Asperger’s syndrome, psychologists have only recently begun to appreciate the complex challenges faced by...

Aiden P. Gregg on the implicit association test

Over the last 10 years, the implicit association test (IAT) has held considerable appeal to applied researchers as an indirect index of what people are thinking and feeling. It dependably yields...

Lance Workman talks to Andy Field about his work on childhood anxiety

Christian Jarrett on the lure of academic myths and their place in classic psychology

Including Milgram redux, eyewitness memory, antidepressant debate and more.

Professor of Psychology at the University of York

Malcolm Macmillan updates a familiar tale, 160 years after its inception

Could you survive a small crowbar passing completely through your head? Most psychologists would answer ‘Yes’: almost all of them learned that Phineas Gage did. Although Phineas’ accident occurred...

Including CBT, health psychology correction, autism, evolution and more

Jon Sutton illustrates some potential career paths ahead of you

Although this may be the first step of your journey in psychology, perhaps you already feel like a psychologist. Perhaps you are spending your first weeks at university pondering how your new...

Including President's column, penile plethysmography and more