Edition 11

Top psychologists help us to celebrate the 150th e-mail issue of the Society’s Research Digest

Beyond the post-antibiotic apocalypse; walking in circles; gender variant youth; reports from the British Science Festival and a Martin Seligman lecture; and Kisane Prutton on the benefits of engaging with a changing media

Taking A-level psychology seriously; in defence of empiricism; and much more

Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Includes web-only extras.

Chris Lerwill digs into the archives, 200 years after Darwin’s birth and 150 after the publication of On the Origin of Species.

S. Craig Roberts and John E. Lycett introduce us to some graduates from the MSc in Evolutionary Psychology at the University of Liverpool

President’s column; Presidents’ Award; accreditation; journals success; and more

mental toughness; consciousness; the compassionate mind; and more, including web-only reviews

Brian Haig advocates ‘inference to the best explanation’, a method used by Darwin and of relevance for theory appraisal in psychology

Explanatory theories in psychology are usually evaluated by employing the hypothetico-deductive method and testing them for their predictive accuracy. The purpose of this short article is to bring...

Could the most human of qualities owe their existence to tiny, mindless organisms? Justin H. Park and Mark Schaller investigate

Parasites have had profound effects on human evolution. Recent research implicates the existence of a set of psychological adaptations that serve as a first line of behavioural defence against...