Edition 12

Adrian C. North and David J. Hargreaves introduce the special issue with a look at how music psychology is changing in the digital era

The digital revolution has led to music being increasingly integrated into the stream of daily life. This in turn has led to researchers showing greater interest in the effects of music on a wide...

child welfare and immigration control; placement courses; reviewing primary education; debt and mental health; retirement; immersive VR; and more

positive psychology; academia and applied; Strictly Come Dancing; pre-tertiary psychology education; scaring small children; and more

Professor of Music Psychology and Improvisation - including extra online-only questions and answers

Dean Keith Simonton examines biographical influences on composition and eminence

Ian Florance talks to Charlie Alcock about psychology in the community with hard-to-reach groups

President’s column; research excellence framework; effort in testing; and more

change management; the dopaminergic mind; others in mind; masculinities; and what your stuff says about you

Steven Livingstone on difficult paths and last taboos in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina

Lauren Stewart on amusia, and the window it provides on musical development

Listening to music is effortless and highly rewarding for most of us. But people with congenital amusia have life-long difficulties in this regard – they don’t recognise tunes that would be...