Edition 3

Craig Ward on his move from a psychology degree into the law

Including the good childhood inquiry; autism traits; tackling reoffending; caffeine and hallucinations; the social brain project; dementia; young people and the media; and Harriet Gross on the misrepresentation of Simon Baron-Cohen's research in The Guardian

Including how to 'green' our practice and research; dyslexia; integrating psychology; more on the forensic/clinical divide; and much more.

Carol Tavris American social psychologist and author

Richard Howard on a psychologist who is remembered for educational testing, but whose interests covered the full gamut of individual differences

Ian Florance talks to Charles Bethell-Fox, Deputy Managing Director of Personnel Decisions International (UK)

Including President's column, and Psychology Teaching award

Including web-only reviews

Julie Gore and Claire McAndrew explore advances in cognitive task analysis

Sallie Baxendale looks at a psychological case study in literature