Edition 4

Ian Florance talks to Peter Spencer about yoga, chronic fatigue and more

Daniel Everett has spent his career in the Amazon, challenging some fundamental ideas about language and thought. Asifa Majid and Jon Sutton pose the questions

Think again, suggests Nattavudh Powdthavee – you’re experiencing a focusing illusion

Perhaps one of the most surprising findings in well-being literature is that, although children give us many things, an increase in our average day-to-day positive experiences may not be among one...

Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park offer an optimistic view of the opportunities

There are good reasons to pursue happiness, but psychologists have been sceptical that happiness can be lastingly increased. What arguments have been advanced to explain why happiness cannot be...

Rebecca Johnson asks what control theory can contribute to our understanding of dissociative identity disorder

When a person presents with dissociative identity disorder, how can we best understand their condition? Is it a form of internal conflict? Is it the product of a troubled childhood and an internal...

Including statutory regulation legislation tabled; NHS workforce consultation; personality disorder guidelines; Blogging benefits and much more

Including reality TV; ABA; psychology and nuclear weapons; environmental concerns; guest columns and much more

Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Plymouth

Peter Lamont with a brief history of extraordinary psychological feats, and their relevance for our concept of psychology and science

Ian Florance talks to Iya Whiteley, a Human Factors Consultant at SEA Group Ltd