Edition 10

Anita Mehay and Zoё Fortune look at life as a mental health researcher

Mark M. Smith on when ‘looking’ back makes less sense

Can we really understand how people in the past perceived their world in sensory terms? Can we ever reach an understanding of what, say, 18th-century Australia sounded like? What smells meant to...

Ian Florance meets members of the University of the West of England’s Centre for Appearance Research

President’s column; bipolar report; independent practitioners forum; Society awards; a view from Northern Ireland; and more

safer surgery; reading development; autism and intensive interaction; stories and analogies; Barbara Tizard; coaching; and web-only reviews

Clare Kambamettu, Elinor Llewellyn, Mary Longley and Paul Davis report on how they tackle problem drinking

Chris Frith talks to Lance Workman about schizophrenia, scanning and more

Paul M. Jenkinson and Aikaterini (Katerina) Fotopoulou look at an example of good intentions and poor awareness in the motor system

We usually manoeuvre through our environment so effortlessly that the complexity of voluntary movement is taken for granted. Most of the time the processes involved in running for the morning bus...

Marc Jones and David Lavallee on the psychology of the Ryder Cup

Mark Twain once defined playing golf as a ‘good walk spoiled’, yet for psychologists the Ryder Cup between the USA and Europe is worth watching because of the many different elements of psychology...

Eirini Flouri with an overview of the theory and evidence

The last two decades have witnessed a growing concern and interest in the role that fathers play in the lives of their children. How does family life – particularly aspects such as biological...