Edition 12

Nathalie L. Chernoff on career opportunities in the history of psychology

Nuggets from the Society's Research Digest (see http://www.researchdigest.org.uk/blog)

spending review; Alzheimer’s; magic and autism; graduate employment; tasty morsels from the Research Digest; and Sinéad Rhodes on ADHD in the news

Professor of Psychology at York University, Canada, and blogger on the history of psychology

ncluding William James; Gustav Fechner; occupational debate; gender and more

Alan Costall engages in some presentist futurology

Ian Florance talks to Adrian Owen about the ‘brain drain’ and more

President’s column; new Community Psychology Section, and a call to support the formation of a Disaster, Crisis and Trauma Section; improving work–life balance; preserving our history; and psychology at the Science Museum

diary drawings of mental illness; forensic psychology; ‘Aspergirls’ and more (including web only reviews)

Extracts from a recording of Frederic Charles Bartlett speaking made in 1959 by John C. Kenna, the Society’s first Honorary Archivist