Edition 5

Richard J. McNally has some timely advice for those revising the diagnostic manuals

Traumatology is a vibrant field, yet the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) remains controversial 30 years after its ratification in the third edition of the Diagnostic and...

Christian Jarrett examines the psychology of the impostor phenomenon

fingerprints; Royal Society funding report; Milgram replication; politics and progress; behavioural economics; nuggets from the Research Digest; and Cary Cooper on his recent involvement in a media storm

electronic record keeping; educational training; discrimination; and more

Help the Hospices Chair in Hospice Studies, Lancaster University

Joan Bliss on her memories of working with the great Swiss psychologist

A personal view on overthrowing collective impostor syndrome, from Sarah Dale; the light-bulb moment that led Jan Stannard into psychology; the latest jobs, and how to advertise

President’s column; Research Digest award; the work of the Society’s Policy Support Unit; new CRB check benefit for members; and more

street prostitution; active listening; autism; history of neuroscience; self-awareness; and quantitative psychological research

Christopher Peterson and Nansook Park on the lasting impact of minimally sufficient research

A special issue of Perspectives on Psychological Science, published by the American Psychological Society, invited opinions from a variety of psychologists, including us (Diener, 2009). Our advice...