Edition 1

Carly Amber talks to Jonathan Mason, clinical psychologist with the Queensland Government, Australia

The greatest show on earth Allahabad, Northern India, January. Photo by Steve Reicher: download PDF for the first of our pull-out posters. Does your work lend itself to a striking image? Get in touch with the editor on [email protected]

Professor of Psychology at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience. Includes online-only answers.

James T. Lamiell on a century-old text containing a ‘cornucopia of ideas that remain in the forefront of developmental psychology’

Matthew Coxon with the third in our series for budding writers

John Leach works as a psychologist but came to professional practice late in life and his very specialist interests have led to a move to Norway

resolutions in the President’s column; Lifetime Achievement Awards; International Congress of Coaching Psychology; and more

detention and release of mentally disordered patients, the environment, policy making and personnel selection

Jon Sutton talks to clinical neuropsychologist and poet Seán Haldane

Elisabeth Hill and Anna Barnett examine the case of developmental coordination disorder (DCD)

The development of adequate motor control and coordination is an important part of general development, allowing an infant to interact with and learn about the world around them and making...