Edition 1

questionable research practices; strike action; self-harm; educational psychology training; Daniel Kahneman speaks; nuggets from the Research Digest; and more

Professor in the School of Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol and Director of the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre

trikes; secondary data; roots of horror; Tom Troscianko; riots; and much more

Jörgen L. Pind examines Edgar Rubin’s dissertation on the figure–ground distinction, one of the great classics of perceptual psychology

A project by psychology student Mark Christmas, with sculptor James Napier. Photo by Michelle Bull. E-mail [email protected] to feature in ‘Big picture’.

David Horrocks with the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information)

Anne Scoular talks about her late-blossoming career in business coaching; the realities of a part-time PhD; the latest vacancies; and how to advertise

minority influence; errors; 30-second psychology; and more

The first of a new series inviting discussion and debate on an ethical dilemma

The dilemma You are working with a client, Marina, who has heard about Dignitas, the Swiss assisted dying organisation, via a BBC programme (The Report: tinyurl.com/cnr8exs). Marina is in her late...