Edition 6

Ian Florance meets Geoff Lindsay (University of Warwick), and Graham Paley writes on reflective practice groups.

President’s column; Going for Gold; Scottish Branch Undergraduate Conference; Psychology’s ‘Origins’; Spearman Medal; and more

early memory; the new statistics; the optimism bias; the social cure; and the psychologically literate citizen

Arij Baidas interviews Linda Sakr, a therapist working in Duba

Paul Furey explores how simpler interventions can boost chances of business client success

Jenny Webb and Simon Whitaker question whether the right people are being labelled and subsequently supported

Diagnoses of learning disability have real-life impact, in terms of service delivery. Currently, whether or not a person meets the diagnostic criteria depends on having an impairment of...

Norman Feather outlines his research journey

How people react to positive or negative outcomes in their lives or in the lives of others depends on a complex array of variables. This article focuses on some of these variables, especially a...

Nick Haslam argues that psychologists should stop averting their eyes from the bathroom

Excretion is a universal part of the human experience, but it is veiled in taboo. Psychologists have torn the veil off other taboos, such as sex and death, but they have largely ignored...

More coverage from the Society's Annual Conference.

highlights from London’s April event, from a stellar cast of reporters. Full version in PDF with part two.