Edition 7

Craig Aaen-Stockdale searches for the truth in attempts to explain religious experience and behaviour

The burgeoning field of ‘neurotheology’ or ‘spiritual neuroscience’ attempts to explain religious experience and behaviour in neuroscientific terms. Research in this field can swing erratically...

We asked the question; psychologists answered

On the eve of the Olympics and Paralympics, Christian Jarrett dives into the psychology of competition

nuggets from the Society’s free Research Digest service

the benefits of Twitter, blogging and podcasting, with Lucy Maddox; plus a review of The Digital Human radio series, and links to more prime online cuts

The First International Conference on Social Identity and Health (ICSIH) took place at the University of Exeter in June. Christian Jarrett was there to report.

towards personal connectomics; parenting classes; body image; and more

voluntary work experience; replication; marathon running and risk; asylums; speaking out at seminars; healthcare informatics; dyslexia; and more

Stills from a video collaboration between David Bickerstaff and Victoria Tischler. DOWNLOAD THE PDF FOR POSTER.

Specialist in Applied Sport Psychology, Department of Kinesiology, Michigan State University. Includes online only answers.