Edition 9

S. Ian Robertson, Isabella McMurray and Pat Roberts on how graduate skills can be embedded within the psychology curriculum

President’s column; Lifetime Achievement Award; Presidents’ Award; Undergraduate Research Assistantship Scheme; and more

the self-illusion; father–daughter relationships; hearing voices; business psychology; and more, including web-only reviews

Martin Cartwright, Gemma Traviss and Andrew Blance on dealing with data hierarchies

Robert J. Sternberg has some encouraging words for those who feel they aren’t ‘making a difference’

Jon Sutton interviews Ian Walker about how psychology can assist non-car drivers

The psychology of sustainable transport Birgitta Gatersleben moves on from the car, with help from Niamh Murtagh

Cars contribute to local air pollution, traffic danger, congestion and poor physical health due to lack of exercise. If the final goal of sustainable development is to sustain or improve the...

Frank P. McKenna on psychology’s contribution to evidence-based approaches to reducing crash risk

It is clear that young people have the highest crash involvement of any group. What are the direct and indirect factors associated with these high crash rates? How do biological, personality,...

Pat McKenna gives a personal perspective from 20+ years of assessing fitness to drive

Driving mostly relies on complex neuropsychological processes way below conscious awareness or control. These processes become impaired in normal ageing and neuropathology, compromising fitness to...

Charles Spence on promoting safe driving through neuroscience-inspired design

The last few years have seen a rapid growth of interest in a new area of research known as ‘neuroergonomics’. How can the latest insights from psychology and cognitive neuroscience be applied to...