Edition 12

Declaration of Helsinki; Maudsley Debate; self-harm clinical guidelines; educational psychology service provision; event repoerts; and more

Structure of the BPS; siblings and mental illness; altruism; austerity; denial of impending catastrophe; and more

Photo by Think Elephants International featuring Dr Joshua Plotnik. ‘Big picture’ ideas? E-mail [email protected].

Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Bath

From the year of Broadmoor’s sesquicentenary Tony Black presents a professional memoir, looking back to its centenary in 1963

the usual mix of books and other media reviews, including Future Bright: A Transforming Vision of Human Intelligence by Michael E. Martinez, Jan Diederen’s documentary Synchronicity: Meaningful Coincidences and BBC?Four’s The Dark Matter of Love

Louise Blackmore reflects on the past 15 years of dealing with a unique geographical challenge; Matthew Fish talks about his experiences as a youth worker; and Isabelle Butcher reflects on the value of the third-year placement in her degree course

President’s column; internet research ethics guidance; influencing NICE consultations; and more

Uta Frith takes Lance Workman on a journey through her collection of memories