Edition 5

the final President’s column from Richard Mallows; technical support in psychological research; and an update from the Branch network

‘Dance psychologist’ Peter Lovatt (University of Hertfordshire) talks to Gail Kinman

Betty Rudd with the latest in our series – see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information

Michèle Birtel looks at using psychotherapeutic techniques to fight prejudice and stigma

How can we learn to love again? To act with empathy instead of anger? To change unpleasant or even hateful feelings towards persons who may be viewed as outgroups? For example, people from black...

Kathryn Evans and Khadj Rouf look at the psychological challenges for children and parents. Click the box above for an audio interview with Khadj.

The prevalence of food allergy has increased with growing numbers of children being diagnosed with allergies to foods such as peanuts, milk, egg and fish. Whilst many children grow out of these...

Tom Dickins looks to an island off the north Devon coast to liberate the imaginations of his students

Lyn Ellett and Tim Wildschut consider evidence of paranoia in non-clinical populations

In 2013 the surveillance scandals in both the US and the UK made headline news. The notion of surveillance is consistent with a key theme in paranoia – believing that other people are spying on us...