Edition 7

tiredness and attention, responses to workplace crisis, and speech fillers, in the latest from our free Research Digest (see www.researchdigest.org.uk/blog)

the BRAIN initiative; Pint of Science; and the cuts at Kings' College

austerity; being a man; the NHS; the World Cup; dyslexia; a pure psychology challenge; and more

Image from research by David Hay (King’s College London). Download PDF for poster.

In this online-only version of her 'News' article, our journalist Ella Rhodes investigates how psychology touches July's race - the participants, spectators and volunteers.

with Ian Parker, Fellow of the Society, practising psychoanalyst in Manchester and Professor of Management, University of Leicester. With online-only q+a.

Ben Harris on a 1943 book that sold 400,000 copies

…The Life Scientific with Professor Sir Michael Rutter; Incognito; Blurred Lines; and more reviews

the importance of positive risk taking and dignity of failure, with Steven Sharman; and we talk to Andy Evans about his work with performers

President’s column; Francis Report; and more