Edition 8

… The Psychology Book; Start the Week; The Men Who Made Us Spend; The Human Zoo; and more reviews

we talk to Roberto Forzoni about mindsets, music and magic; and Bronagh Hannon looks for light at the end of the tunnel in her arduous quest to become a clinical psychologist

President’s column; Lifetime Achievement Award; and Public Engagement Grants

Diane Halpern tells Lance Workman about her efforts to improve work–life balance and increase creativity

Carol Brown with the latest in our series for budding writers (see www.bps.org.uk/newvoices for more information)

Stephanie Taylor looks at how social psychology explains the phenomenon

In Britain, and in a new global creative economy, creative people are now valued as economic actors and potential agents of prosperity. Social psychology offers insights into their experience and...

… and if so, how? Nadine Page and Erik de Haan consider the evidence.

The field of executive coaching has grown considerably in recent times. The empirical research conducted to explore the effectiveness of executive coaching, which has struggled to keep pace with...

Julian G. Elliott and Elena L. Grigorenko argue that the label is a cultural meme that remains unscientific and conceptually problematic

In 2005 Julian Elliott contributed to a television programme, The Dyslexia Myth, that highlighted the many misuses and misunderstandings of the dyslexia construct and the corresponding failure of...

children and written instructions; and who will benefit from CBT, in the latest from www.researchdigest.org.uk/blog


birthday honours; autism and ADHD; All in the Mind mental health awards; super-recognisers; behaviour change; a special feature on the Facebook furore; and more