Edition 9

Painting – ‘Judgement’ by Dominic Shepherd. Words by Keith Laws (University of Hertfordshire). DOWNLOAD PDF FOR POSTER

Our journalist Ella Rhodes talks to Professor Rory O'Connor

‘Occasionally follow a hunch…’

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to Professor Steve Reicher and Dr Clifford Stott

Moheb Costandi considers attempts to use hallucinogenic drugs to treat alcoholism and mental disorder

…plus The Valley of Astonishment; Boyhood; Utopia; and more reviews

Sue Blackmore gives a personal account of how hallucinogens have influenced her career; and we pass on some advice for first-year undergraduates as they begin their journey in psychology

our President welcomes new students; introducing ‘altmetrics’; President’s Award; meet the Psychologist and Digest team; and more

Dirk Hanson takes a trip from Lewis Carroll to the modern day, via Huxley, Burroughs and others

We hear from a researcher, participant and clinician on the use of psilocybin to alleviate cancer anxiety