November 2018

Hooked: When Want Becomes Need (Science Gallery, London), reviewed by Sonali Dave and Vasileia Kotoula, Researchers at King’s College London.
Kate Johnstone, Associate Editor for Culture, reviews 'Magic Medicine' and interviews the director Monty Wates.
Obsessive Compulsions: The OCD of Everyday Life by C. Thomas Gualtieri (Jessica Kingsley; Pb £13.99), reviewed by Dr Lucia Giombini.
The Colour of Bee Larkham’s Murder by Sarah J. Harris (HarperCollins; Hb £12.99), reviewed by Eloise Stark.
Cyberpsychology as Everyday Experience Across the Lifespan by Dave Harley, Julie Morgan, Hannah Frith (Palgrave Macmillan; Hb £79.99), reviewed by Robert Griffin.
Reclaiming the Curriculum, Bill Laar & Jackie Holderness (Crown House;Pb £16.99), reviewed by Dr Katy Smart.
Consultant Psychologist at eras ltd and author of 'I Think I’ll Manage' and, with Pat Nevin, 'In Ma Head, Son'.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Ella Rhodes talks to psychologists in our end of days. Includes online extra.

On the third Halloween since The Wretchedness, we bring you this special report from one of the last remaining strongholds – the surprisingly sturdy offices of the British Psychological...

Christine Parsons and Melanie Rosen on how we construct an image by sharing activity data and dream reports.

When did you last tell someone about a dream you had? Do you have a friend who regularly shares their step count, as measured by their latest fitness tracker? Sharing both types of intimate...