November 2018

Ella Rhodes reports on a new government strategy: 'Improving people’s health: Applying behavioural and social sciences to improve population health and wellbeing in England'.
Antonia Bifulco on her own adventures in family history.

Most of us are interested in our origins and family histories. Can psychology aid us in discovering identity through such research? Can sharing our family stories lead to uncovering common or...

Paula Nicolson looks at developing identities in the 21st century.

Discovering family roots, or genealogy, has become a favourite pastime for many. The sheer volume of TV programmes, magazines and ‘how to’ books bear witness to this. Genealogy fascinates...

Ella Rhodes reports from a joint British Academy / British Psychological Society lecture, from Professor Anke Ehlers.
We meet Lily Bernheimer – environmental psychology consultant, researcher and writer – and run a chapter from her new book.
Cade Anderson-Smith looks back on the DSM, Homosexuality and the 1972 American Psychiatric Association Convention.
Rebecca Poinot on discovering a voice as a French person living and working in psychology in the UK.