Living with cancer

A collection of pieces from our May issue.

Ahead of our webinar (free for BPS members) on 18 May, we bring you a collection of articles and interviews on living with and beyoond cancer.

'You should be over cancer by now'
Cordelia Galgut on living with the long-term effects.

'Filtering down psychological thinking into cancer care: that's how we make a difference'
We meet Sahil Suleman.

'We're all fighting the same battle, with different journeys'
Kate Fulton and Rachel Trimmer on cross-sector working in cancer care.

'Cognitive control can improve the quality of life of women with breast cancer'
Nazanin Derakhshan.

'I can't remove every obstacle that myeloma patients will face… but I can provide support'
Sarah Dempsey


Ilustration: Sofia Sita

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Nick Hammond and Nikki Palmer ask whether we are united by commonality, or divided by difference.

Unmasking Myanmar

It seemed Myanmar was inching towards a more democratic regime, but since February the military junta has cracked down again on protestors. In this article Chris Mabey seeks to understand the situation and discern some signs of hope for this war-torn land.

Fearing laughter

Grace Sanders considers the causes and consequences of gelotophobia – the fear of laughter.

‘Private money will really push the field forward’

Neuralink Monkey MindPong, deconstructed. Jon Sutton reports.

In a different timeworld

Steve Taylor seeks to make sense of time expansion experiences.

May 2021

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