A vegan future?

Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne introduces the January issue.

Challenging boundaries of work space

Emma Young digests the latest research on working from home during Covid-19.

On ‘meatheads’ and ‘soy boys’

Alina Salmen and Kristof Dhont on the gendered nature of meat consumption and veganism.

‘Trying to change the world on my own would not work’

When Ian Florance asked him for an interview, Lawrence Moulin gave two reasons for agreeing: he wanted to talk about ‘how psychology can be applied in interesting places such as the Department of Health’; and to tell undergraduates who are, like him, from less ‘prestigious’ backgrounds, that they too can have a place in the profession.

The shift to sustainable diets

Richard Carmichael works on behaviour change, public engagement and policy for Net Zero. He tells us how food policy can help us reach climate goals.

Foundations for the best start in life

Ella Rhodes on a new British Psychological Society report on supporting children and families.

The distance between us

Matthew Cole and Kate Stewart on how society ‘helps’ us to rationalise the exploitation of other animals, giving us a ‘licence to harm’.

Let’s meat!

Charlotte De Backer with a history of meat consumption, and how a simple choice to eat or not eat meat can complicate our social lives

The four Ns of meat justification

Jared Piazza on psychological barriers to becoming and staying vegan.

The father of British neuropsychology

Barbara A. Wilson on Oliver Zangwill.

‘Vegan’: Recent word, ancient ideas

Matthew Ruby and Tani Khara on the power and status of plant-based diets in different cultural contexts.


An extract from ‘Why We Love and Exploit Animals: Bridging Insights from Academia and Advocacy’ edited by Kirstof Dhont and Gordon Hodson, published by Routledge. This chapter was written by Tobias Leenaert.

An antidote to the orthodoxy

Support for psychology researchers during the pandemic

Supporting men with breast cancer

‘A person with a learning disability is a person first’

A new hope for mental health in Northern Ireland

ESRC impact awards

Can you cultivate serendipity?

Want and buy less

'It’s a kind of social meteorite'

On, of and for the brain

A plea to hear each other

From the President, January 2021

One on One… Sheila Ufot

Disclosing derogation and disregard

Updates from the British Psychological Society’s Policy team

A chess game between genius and madness

Covid’s impact on research and mental health

‘Your ghosts follow you’

Featured Job, January 2021: Associate Psychologists