Remaining with death

Khyati Tripathi with a personal journey into death studies.

‘The magazine is you’

Our editor Dr Jon Sutton in conversation with Professor Catherine Loveday, Chair of the Psychologist and Digest Editorial Advisory Committee.

'Are you okay?'

A clinical psychologist’s account of having a daughter with depression, from Dr Annie Hickox. Now with added postscript.

Reflecting on mirror-writing

In 2012 Robert McIntosh and Sergio Della Sala, both at the University of Edinburgh, published an article in The Psychologist on mirror-writing, which has had a surprising impact. The article is the most read piece on our website ever; viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and still getting around 10,000 views a month. We caught up recently with the authors, to talk about the article’s success, and to get an update on any developments in the field.

Towards ‘smart justice’

‘It’s about giving people hope’… Ian Florance talks to Geraldine O’Hare.

‘Your brain is revealing the building blocks of everyday experience'

Ella Rhodes collates a series of contributions from those researching vision and perception.

Dreams and their relationship to waking life

Nikolay Petrov and Oliver Robinson.

Ghosts of patients past

Katy Mitchell reflects on unknown endings.

‘We have huge potential to make positive change’

Ella Rhodes on the British Psychological Society’s ‘Psychological Government’ programme.

Coronavirus – Psychological perspectives

Several psychologists are actively working on the response to Covid-19, and psychological theory / research is relevant in many ways… this page will serve as a growing resource collecting and linking to those contributions.

Seven strange quirks of human vision

Emma Young digests the research.

A life’s journey

From the President, April 2020

From the Chief Executive, April 2020

Featured job: Dovehouse Psychology Services

Uncertain and volatile lives

Disaster response training

Raising body positive girls

Students – conference and community

Poems for the NHS: ‘the best poem a country has ever written’

‘Change is coming’

The personal and psychological experience of gender

One on one... Nothando Ngwenya

Bruce Napier 1949–2020

Implicit and explicit cultural clashes

Editor's Column, April 2020

Into a world of torment and colour

A world without trees?

A culture of silence and denial

Gamma Bias: A new theory

Doing statistics better

The psychological science I know and love…

De-medicalising mental illness

Empowering women

‘I understood when I listened to people’s stories’

Deanne Bell is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. Deanne spoke to Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne about her desire to understand and repair the world.

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‘There is a spectrum of responses to killing far-off enemies’

Professor Peter Lee talks to Annie Brookman-Byrne about the experiences of armed drone pilots.

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What makes a psychologist?

We present the five winning entries from our 2019 ‘Voices In Psychology’ programme, along with extracts from some of the other submissions and a commentary from British Psychological Society President David Murphy.

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