Psychologist Hugo Spiers introduces chats with five authors of popular books on the topic of finding and losing your way…

‘The aim of the game is to support kids’

Dr Rob Webster on working with schools to maximise the impact of teaching assistants on outcomes in children with special educational needs. As told to Annie Brookman-Byrne.

Sound of mind

Jackson Musker on six mental health podcasts for psychologists (and anyone, really).

Find the river: On loss, living, and love

Dr Nick Little, Clinical Psychologist, on a year of national tragedy, played out in small, personal vignettes.

‘We’ve got vacancies, and we’re missing out on the right people’

Catherine Dooley and Hannah Farndon introduce new advice on best practice in Psychology recruitment.

Dropping my mask

Eloise Stark experiments with mindfulness to find her authentic, autistic self.

One on one… with Dr Cerith Waters

We dip into the Society member database and pick out Dr Cerith Waters, Clinical Lead Psychologist for Perinatal Mental Health Services in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University.

‘The buried emotional tangle in the rag and bone shop’

Veronica O’Keane, Professor of Psychiatry and practising Consultant Psychiatrist at Trinity College Dublin, has her first trade book out now with Allen Lane: ‘The Rag and Bone Shop: How We Make Memories and Memories Make us’. Our editor Jon Sutton fired her some questions.

Joining the dance

Lucie Clements wonders why there aren’t more applied psychologists working with dancers.

Pathways to Psychology, Part one: Why psychology?

Madeleine Pownall and Ian Florance introduce stories from the next generation.

What Very Important thing have you lost or found on your psychology journey?

The winning answers to our latest question for our Voices In Psychology programme, identifying and nurturing new writing talent…

‘There are no good options’

We hear from psychologists finding themselves in the firing line on Covid information and response.

Changed at a stroke

Frances L. Vaughan on writing with stroke survivor Jody Mardula.

Life in the labyrinth

Chris Mawson 1953-2020

And, but, therefore and more

Featured job: Clinical and Counselling Psychologists, CBT Therapists, and others

From sparklers to schizophrenia

Educational psychology in Scotland: We travel in hope

Zangwill’s contribution

From the President, March 2021

The crucial role of exercise psychologists

Right time to remember the forgotten epidemic

Telling a human story

Drawing inspiration

'Bring an end to the inhuman disregard…'

From the Editor, March 2021

Public health pitfalls in a vegan future?

What are the barriers to our profession, and how can we remove them?

The winners and runners up in our latest 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

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A vegan future?

Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne introduces the January issue.

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