What makes a psychologist?

We present the five winning entries from our 2019 ‘Voices In Psychology’ programme, along with extracts from some of the other submissions and a commentary from British Psychological Society President David Murphy.

Stories of hope and growth

Four very different Assistant Psychologists find a common thread through peer supervision – the inspirational power of people’s stories, and working in a way that allows them to be shared.

‘This is a great time for therapeutic architecture’

Kate Johnstone speaks to Dr Evangelia Chrysikou, one of the few architects in the world holding a PhD in ‘healthcare architecture’

‘It is hard to be poor, harder than we thought’

Emma Young digests some research related to the Society’s 2020 theme, ‘From poverty to flourishing’.

Shaking off the shackles of imposterism

Laura Kilby offers up some advice based on her own journey.

‘You can safely and effectively stretch the traditional ideas of how we create change’

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr Jenny Taylor.

The pivotal role of emotions

In interviews for our website, Dr Kal Kseib has met some of the founders of modern psychotherapy approaches. Here, he reflects on what he has learnt.

‘We are busy about everything’

Claudia Hammond is an award-winning broadcaster, author and psychology lecturer. Her latest book, The Art of Rest, examining the science behind our struggles to rest and relax, is published on 5 December by Canongate. Our editor Jon Sutton asked her about it.

‘What is therapy’s value, and how do we decide this?'

Ian Florance meets Professor Rosemary Rizq, a Counselling Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist who combines her academic role at the University of Roehampton with work as clinician and writer.

A blind spot for the climate crisis?

Technology changing our emotions

One on One... with Costas Karageorghis

Mental health trailblazers

Northern growth

The [Redacted] Review

Driving global impact

A relentless uphill struggle

Book award winners

The ups and painful downs of day to day life

From the Chief Executive, January 2020

Featured job: Clinical Psychologist, plans4rehab

How did we do… 2019 policy campaign

‘A damning picture of the challenges facing psychologists’

What qualifies as the best kind of qualitative research?

‘They were all obsesssed with a single question’

Psychology, Society, and the public

Developing a trauma-informed forensic psychology

Case histories revitalised

Fly or die in academia?

Adapting addiction treatment

Experiences of otherness

BAME representation and psychology

Fired up for change