How selfish is your search for happiness?

Joe Smith on differing views over what we should strive for, and what they mean for positive psychology on the 20th anniversary of its springing to life.

Rated: Grandiosity, and functional stupidity

Mats Alvesson cautions against the seductive tendency to gild the lily; and argues that we may have underestimated the value of ‘functional stupidity’.

‘Our system appears to be have been designed centuries ago by men, for men’

Reflections from Assistant Psychologist Chris Millar on female offender care in UK prisons.

‘It’s about editing our lives so that they make sense again’

We meet Matt Haig.

My shelfie… Dr Paul Redford

Associate Professor, Programme Leader MSc Occupational Psychology, UWE Bristol.

In search of the brain of Descartes

What, if anything, has psychology learned from the study of famous brains? G. Neil Martin investigates…

Are neurodevelopmental disorders discrete conditions?

Emilia Misheva considers the evidence.

‘A rigorous way of dealing with some messy real-world data’

Madeleine Pownall meets Professor David Clarke (University of Nottingham) to discuss an emerging method within psychology – behaviour sequence analysis.

Antisocial media under the spotlight at Westminster

Focusing on impact

‘We live our lives in clothes’

Mental Health in South Asian communities

Why didn't the dog jump out of the box?

The age of love

Providing mental health support in schools

A life's tapestry unravels

T is for… Thinking

Mindfulness isn’t just for adults

"They're so focused on the symptoms-checklist view"

Working together

Exploring in emotional technicolor

You is not just your brain, silly

Arts in Mind

Time to change the story

Paths to creativity

From coercion to consent

Women in science

Windows on our inner and outer worlds

How do psychologists’ own artistic creations reflect their internal lives and approach to the stuff of therapy? Christina Richards introduces several musings on the writers’ own works, in a variety of artistic media. Includes online extras.

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Overrated: Our capacity to impact policy

Carl Walker, Ewen Speed and Danny Taggart believe that the nature of public policy means we can never be as influential as we’d like to be. They follow this with an article reminding us of the value of informal psychological caregiving.

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The new psychology of health

Our editor Jon Sutton introduces a special collection of articles on 'unlocking the social cure'.

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Psychologists and the media – opportunities and challenges

A special feature.

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Placing mind in the metropolis

Our journalist Ella Rhodes speaks to psychologists about what we need to bring to our urban spaces.

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The age of illusions

Nicholas Wade looks at the new world of visual illusions that emerged in the 19th century and invigorated psychology.

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Rethinking addiction

Nick Heather challenges the brain disease model.

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