The problem of pathocracy

Do psychologists have a responsibility to help prevent ruthless, amoral people attaining positions of power? Steve Taylor considers the arguments.

‘How individuals impact the place – not just how the place impacts the individuals’

Dr Gilad Chen is the Robert H. Smith Chair in Organizational Behavior at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. Ingrid Covington asks the questions.

A neat equation

Educational Psychologist Fraser Lauchlan on his unusual journey.

Understanding powerful instincts and emotions are key to managing modern conflicts

Deputy editor Shaoni Bhattacharya talks to Professor Mari Fitzduff about psychology’s role in global peacebuilding, Trump and Brexit, and the crisis in Afghanistan.

Books as friends

Keith Oatley wonders whether Marcel Proust might stand alongside William James as a psychologist, and how fiction may be important for us.

Can anger be a force for good?

Emma Young digests the research.

Resilience to uncertainty

Eleonore Batteux.

Work in the real world

Ian Bushnell, Programme Chair for the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology Congress which is set to take place in Glasgow in January, introduces a set of conversations with the keynotes…

‘Unfreezing moments are here… we have to be ready to work together’

Stuart Carr is Professor of Psychology at Massey University in New Zealand/Aotearoa. He will be delivering the opening keynote at EAWOP. Ingrid Covington asks the questions.

‘Trauma work is a search for meaning'

Ian Florance interviews Noreen Tehrani, a founder member of the Society’s Crisis, Disaster and Trauma Section and Deputy Chair of the Division of Occupational Psychology.

‘How can we ensure people have a career that shapes them in a positive way?’

Ans DeVos is Professor of Antwerp Management School at the University of Antwerp. Ingrid Covington asks the questions.

‘Open your eyes to collective dimensions’

Alex Haslam is Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology and Australian Laureate Fellow at the University of Queensland. He studies group and identity processes in organisations, societies and the clinical context. Ingrid Covington asks the questions.

Tony Taylor 1926-2021

Young people to help citizen science project

What do we know?

Understanding Depression: Opportunity rather than threat?

Exploring psychology’s career pathways

The sweet spot of fear

Working together

Expert witness best practice

Quite the ride

Inspiring students of the future

Jack Rachman 1934-2021

Crowdsourcing equality

Trauma cannot be quantified

A boy today

Editorial, November 2021

Looking beyond the surface

Robyn Maree Holmes 1951-2021

A collective experience of joy and harmony

One to One... with Dominic Abrams

A lifesaving conversation

‘We’re changing the behaviour of researchers and institutions…’

Inclusive goals for student community

Towards a more sustainable world

Supporting the journey of recovery

Many ways to be a clinical psychologist

Using evolution science to build a prosocial world

Freddy Jackson Brown, Paul Cooper, Emma Balfour and Mary Stanley-Duke.

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Conversations on class

Ella Rhodes and Annie Brookman-Byrne talk to psychologists about its impact.

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Fair’s fair?

What should psychologists understand about austerity, and ways to broaden the role of psychologists in order to combat its effects? Insights from ‘Make My City Fair’ in Birmingham.

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A decade of ‘power posing’: Where do we stand?

Tom Loncar on credibility and challenges.

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Living with cancer

A collection of pieces from our May issue.

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Our journalist Ella Rhodes considers the cyclical nature of life, both the more literal and the metaphorical.

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Psychologist Hugo Spiers introduces chats with five authors of popular books on the topic of finding and losing your way…

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What are the barriers to our profession, and how can we remove them?

The winners and runners up in our latest 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

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A vegan future?

Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne introduces the January issue.

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