The allure of mysteries

Elizabeth Michaelson Monaghan meets researchers to look behind the painting…

‘I took my turn on Friday to be arrested’

Dr Rosie Jones considers peaceful protests, the law and the Health and Care Professions Council: what are the lessons for psychologists? Questions from Dr Roger Paxton, Chair of the British Psychological Society's Ethics Committee.

Beyond the binary

'Non-Binary Lives: An Anthology of Intersecting Identities', edited by Jos Twist, Ben Vincent, Meg-John Barker and Kat Gupta (Jessica Kingsley Publishers; £14.99). Reviewed by Dr Katherine Hubbard.

‘Almost every area of psychology has something to contribute to addressing climate change’

Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh on psychology’s role in tackling climate change. As told to Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne.

Living with pain

'Work and pain: A lifespan development approach', edited by Elaine Wainwright and Christopher Eccleston (Oxford University Press; £29.99). Reviewed by Dr Hannah Twiddy.

‘We have a responsibility to go beyond sport’

Dr Peter Olusoga is a senior lecturer in psychology and a sport psychology practitioner, working with athletes and teams on the mental side of performance. Hugh Gilmore is a BASES performance psychologist working with British Athletics, Para-Powerlifting and the English Institute of Sport, among other things.Our editor Dr Jon Sutton chatted with them about their podcast, Eighty Percent Mental.

'A person with dementia becomes untethered from time'

'Dick Johnson is Dead' is a Netflix original; filmed, produced and directed by Kirsten Johnson, about her Dad's dementia. Our editor Jon Sutton asked her about it.

‘You build in, rather than tack on, change’

Ian Florance meets Helen Keyes.

'Every choice has been dictated by my health condition'

Liza Morton on ableism in Psychology, reflecting on her lived experience of navigating a career in Psychology whilst living with a serious lifelong heart condition.

Chronic pain acceptance does not equal accepting chronic pain

Ute Liersch writes.

‘You have to put your trust in the psychologist’

Dominic Barrett shares his journey of mental health recovery, with comment from his psychologist Caroline Clare.

‘Women fight victim blaming every step of the way’

Why women are blamed for everything: Exploring victim blaming of women subjected to violence and trauma by Dr Jessica Taylor is published by Little Brown. We asked Jessica about her book.

‘There is not enough research, understanding, respect or admiration…’

Birth Shock: How to Recover from Birth Trauma (Pinter & Martin, 2020) by perinatal clinical psychologist Mia Scotland is out now. Michelle Cree, consultant clinical psychologist and author of The Compassionate Mind Approach to Postnatal Depression: Using Compassion Focussed Therapy to Enhance Mood, Confidence and Bonding (Robinson, 2015) spoke to Mia about the book.

‘Where is my voice in this?’

From the President, December 2020

Children becoming Socrates

Optimistic about changing tides

Understanding depression

What do you say?

Accessing psychology

Game vs fake news

What stories can a photography workshop tell us?

Professional skill does not exist in a vacuum

An obsession with theory?

From the Chief Executive, December 2020

Featured job: Mental Health Specialist Support Workers

The voice of retirees

Editorial, December 2020

Study in the time of Covid

Ewart Hood 1949-2020

Prescribing debate

One on one... Julie Turner-Cobb

Training for supervisors

The discomfort of institutional racism

Psychologists honoured

Cultural identity on the journey to clinical psychology

Book award winners

Prioritising the therapeutic alliance

Marie Jahoda – the ultimate example

Michael Billig turns to historical studies of writing psychology to argue for ‘more examples, less theory’ in this extended and adapted extract from his new book.

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Working together

Our collection of articles on collaboration.

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Standing against racism

We collate letters in response to the killing of George Floyd. From the British Psychological Society's Division of Counselling Psychology Black and Asian Counselling Psychologists' Group; Anonymous; Halina Bryan; Khadj Rouf; Vaughan Bell; Rosabel Ng; and Shameema Yousuf.

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Towards a 'new normal' and beyond

Collecting together our special summer print edition, with a few extras.

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Psychology has a sexual harassment problem…

… and tackling it requires reckoning with the past that brought us here, argue Jacy L.Young and Peter Hegarty.

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‘Babies really enjoy being babies’

Annie Brookman-Byrne asked Caspar Addyman about his new book, The laughing baby: The extraordinary science behind what makes babies happy.

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‘Your brain is revealing the building blocks of everyday experience'

Ella Rhodes collates a series of contributions from those researching vision and perception.

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‘I understood when I listened to people’s stories’

Deanne Bell is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. Deanne spoke to Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne about her desire to understand and repair the world.

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‘There is a spectrum of responses to killing far-off enemies’

Professor Peter Lee talks to Annie Brookman-Byrne about the experiences of armed drone pilots.

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What makes a psychologist?

We present the five winning entries from our 2019 ‘Voices In Psychology’ programme, along with extracts from some of the other submissions and a commentary from British Psychological Society President David Murphy.

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