Using evolution science to build a prosocial world

Freddy Jackson Brown, Paul Cooper, Emma Balfour and Mary Stanley-Duke.

‘Communicating can create a virtuous circle’

Ian Florance meets Linda Kaye, Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Cyberpsychology Section.

'We need to unlock the door from the inside'

Dr Jolel Miah recently completed his PhD and is currently a Lecturer of Psychology at the University of Sunderland and a member of the British Psychological Society's Division of Health Psychology’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce. Here, he discusses his journey as a British Bangladeshi in the Psychology profession, with Associate Editor Chrissie Fitch.

Being alongside people in a time of isolation

Hope Samuel on Healthworker Talk, a podcast in which they talk with NHS workers; and producer David Ian Neville with some practical guidance.

‘Those secrets… they’re literally eroding my bones’

Kyle Kelleher considers Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the need to discuss family trauma.

‘Cybersecurity does not protect what it is to be human online’

Ella Rhodes spoke to Mary Aiken, Professor of Forensic Cyberpsychology at University of East London, about her recent work with the UK government on protecting people from harm online, and the areas of cyberpsychology which need more attention from researchers and policymakers.

The threat is coming from inside the house

Annie Hickox balances the value of sharing our personal stories of mental illness with the risk of exposure.

Listening with an open heart

'How to help someone with anxiety' by Rachel M. Allan is published by Welbeck Balance. Deputy editor Annie Brookman-Byrne asks the questions.

Tics in the room and tics on Zoom

Dr Seonaid Anderson, Chartered Psychologist and freelance neurodiversity consultant, hears from Becky Simpson about being a therapist with Tourettes during Covid-19.

One for sorrow… seven for a secret

Vanessa Moore on whether it is helpful to be a clinical psychologist if you develop mental health problems.

From academia to industry – two stories

Ashleigh Johnstone and Joshua Balsters on their moves to Gorilla, the online experiment builder.

‘Kill your selves’ every day

Dr Nic Hooper on students and self-stories.

‘People erase my existence’

Thomas York, a bisexual psychology student at Bath Spa University, draws on research and cultural sources to understand biphobia and bisexual erasure.

Featured job: Clinical Psychologist, Magna House

We hear from Lead Psychologist Hugo Santos.

A truly validating experience

Editorial, October 2021

Preparing for the new teaching term

Working with autism

Five minutes with… Alison Lacey

Portrait of knitting to ease depression scoops photography prize

Climate activism among members

Wellbeing for the aspiring dancer

A middle class profession

A story of vulnerability

Empathic leadership

Critiquing IAPT

One on one... Dr Ray Bobrownicki

Conversations on class

Ella Rhodes and Annie Brookman-Byrne talk to psychologists about its impact.

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Fair’s fair?

What should psychologists understand about austerity, and ways to broaden the role of psychologists in order to combat its effects? Insights from ‘Make My City Fair’ in Birmingham.

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A decade of ‘power posing’: Where do we stand?

Tom Loncar on credibility and challenges.

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Living with cancer

A collection of pieces from our May issue.

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Our journalist Ella Rhodes considers the cyclical nature of life, both the more literal and the metaphorical.

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Psychologist Hugo Spiers introduces chats with five authors of popular books on the topic of finding and losing your way…

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What are the barriers to our profession, and how can we remove them?

The winners and runners up in our latest 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

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A vegan future?

Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne introduces the January issue.

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