'People like us…'

Matthew J. Easterbrook on the psychology of class-based identities, interventions, and injunctions in education.

‘It’s about creating environments where people feel that whatever position they are in society, somebody cares and wants to invest in helping them’

Professor Paula Reavey speaks to Shaoni Bhattacharya about how someone’s class, context and environment influences their mental health.

‘Improving the safety, quality, and stability of people’s environments should encourage healthy behaviour’

Richard Brown, a PhD student at Northumbria University, talks with his supervisor Dr Gillian Pepper.

‘If we are serious about the pursuit of equality and fairness for all, it is essential that social class is recognised as a protected characteristic’

Ella Rhodes speaks with psychologists about ignoring class, and the potential impact of including class in the Equality Act.

The myth of meritocracy

Celine Brookes-Smith, Elizabeth Henshaw, Katie Place, Dr Will Curvis and the late Dr Ben Campbell on ‘pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps’.

The underclass psychologist

Punit Shah with his personal reflections.

How social class is reflected in our Psychology

Matthew Warren digests the research.

Middle-class reflections

Martin Weegmann on ‘hidden injuries’ and advantages of class.

‘The dialogue between citizens and their governments – that’s what I care about’

Dr Kesi Mahendran (Open University) recently took up the role of Chair of the BPS Political Psychology Section, which she co-founded. Having previously worked in the Scottish Government, Mahendran later moved back into academia to explore the dialogue between citizens and governments, and recently established the Public Dialogue Psychology Collaboratory. Ella Rhodes spoke with her about her work and hopes for the future of the Section.

Which rung are you on?

Emma Young digests the research on subjective feelings of class.

‘What we eat, how we eat, how much, it’s all part of our class identities’

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Maxine Woolhouse to talk class and food.

‘I viewed it as an unreachable, elite career’

Emily Reynolds hears from working class people who have struggled to make their way in Psychology.

The superpower of kindness

Liz Bates on writing a storybook for children and accompanying guidebook for adults, published by Routledge. Plus, Janet Raju with a view from school, and Liz’s daughter Dr Sophie Bates with a clinical psychologist’s view.

How can psychology tackle class-based inequalities?

We asked on Twitter…

Getting what you deserve?

Simon Goodman, Philippa Carr and Jackie Abell on the psychology of income inequality

‘I no longer try to shape myself to fit’

Theresa Marrinan meets Margo Ononaiye, the first Black woman to head up a Clinical Psychology Doctorate Programme in the UK.

Celebrating neurodiversity in Higher Education

Rather than simply raising awareness of neurodivergent people, Finola Farrant, Emma Owen, Fawn Lavina Hunkins-Beckford and Marta Jacksa argue that now is the time for universities to take concerted action to celebrate the collective neurodiversity of staff and students.

‘They talked about having two versions of themselves’

Researcher Dr Lateesha Osbourne (University of Bath) spoke to Ella Rhodes about her PhD research, exploring Black students’ experiences at a higher education institution in the south of England.

Class show and tells

Ian Danton introduces his winning effort in our poetry competition, around the theme of tackling class-based inequality.

‘It has become my nightmare’

Psychologists recognised

Scottish report highlights poverty’s impact on the health and wellbeing of children and young people

What it means to 'gather'

Weird and wonderful

Cultures turning into cults

Climate and religion

From the President, July/August 2022

To snorkel at the surface or dive the depths

Editorial, July/August 2022

The eye, not the spreadsheet

What to read… to learn about social class

Reputation matters

Uta Frith and Chris Frith spoke at the Royal Institution around the launch of their ‘graphic biography’ Two Heads, written with their son Alex Frith and illustrated by Daniel Locke.

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Cupboard love – Unwrapping the comfort in food

When Andrea Oskis left home, the first dish she cooked was her Mum’s version of spaghetti bolognese. Here, she explores the intrinsic connection between food and feelings…

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‘Change must engage a person’s senses of identity, meaning, control and belonging’

Dr Adrian Needs is the winner of Lifetime Achievement Awards from the British Psychological Society’s Practice Board and Division of Forensic Psychology. Here, he talks prison and reform in a conversation recorded by Sarah Lewis for her Growth Uncut podcast.

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The persistent irony of the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Robert D. McIntosh and Sergio Della Sala explore issues around overconfidence and expertise.

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‘You have to find a way of bringing psychological concepts to life’

Phil Banyard, Head of Psychology at Nottingham Trent University, author of over 20 psychology textbooks, and former Chief A-level Psychology Examiner, retires in June 2021. Here, Professor Belinda Winder talks with Phil about his life and times as he embarks upon the Vitus Emeritus.

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New Year’s expectations

Our beliefs can powerfully shape our reality, says David Robson. Here’s how to make a positive self-fulfilling prophecy in 2022…

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