Working together

Our collection of articles on collaboration.

‘I don’t take on roles for a badge… I just want to make a difference’

Dr Robina Shah – consultant applied psychologist, expert in psychosocial medicine, and former High Sheriff of Greater Manchester – talked to Ella Rhodes about her work, life and values.

Partnerships for impact

Nicola Pitchford introduces perspectives from those at the ‘coal face’ of education.

Keep your friends close, your adversaries closer

Chris Ferguson and Danielle Lindner might only agree on their need to collaborate.

‘It’s about connection’

Jenny Boyd’s autobiography – Jennifer Juniper: A journey beyond the muse – checks in at some of the best-known events and places of the 1960s and 1970s, including inspiring Donovan and travelling with The Beatles, before going ‘back to school’. Ian Florance heard from her on how studying psychology can inform and change lives.

'These are becoming lost skills that we need to recapture’

The new book Rapport, by Emily Alison and Laurence Alison, offers ‘The four ways to read people’. Jon Sutton asked them about it.

Supporting ‘team science’

Katherine Button argues that we need to build a diversity of roles into the fabric of the psychology department, as well as thinking about our role in bigger interdisciplinary projects.

Editorial, October 2020

Dr Jon Sutton introduces the issue.

Massive collaboration

Jon Brock goes inside the Psychological Science Accelerator.

Which human experiences are universal?

Emma Young digests the research.

‘Our children have told us off for talking too much about episodic memory’

Chris Moulin and Celine Souchay on a professional and personal marriage.

From poverty to flourishing: towards 2021

We get an update on the Society’s campaign, and call for contributions to a special summer edition.

Sharing across fields

Marcus Munafò on the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration.

Working under a totalitarian regime

From the Chief Executive, October 2020

A guide for difficult news in pregnancy

Robert (Bob) Audley 1928-2020

Book Award 2020 shortlist

Transcending Maslow’s pyramid

The view from the political pulpit

Alex Hossack 1949-2020

How does birth trauma affect women?

Behavioural science centre stage at WHO

‘I want to create solutions’

Practice Board awards

Freedom of expression around diversity guidelines

Own goal or progress?

Time to ‘go big’ on the curriculum

One on one....Taide Riley-Hunte

From the President, October 2020

"We are yet to see the fallout… when children return to school we'll get a better picture"

How do we address racism in therapy?

Unframed lives

Standing against racism

We collate letters in response to the killing of George Floyd. From the British Psychological Society's Division of Counselling Psychology Black and Asian Counselling Psychologists' Group; Anonymous; Halina Bryan; Khadj Rouf; Vaughan Bell; Rosabel Ng; and Shameema Yousuf.

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Towards a 'new normal' and beyond

Collecting together our special summer print edition, with a few extras.

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Psychology has a sexual harassment problem…

… and tackling it requires reckoning with the past that brought us here, argue Jacy L.Young and Peter Hegarty.

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‘Babies really enjoy being babies’

Annie Brookman-Byrne asked Caspar Addyman about his new book, The laughing baby: The extraordinary science behind what makes babies happy.

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‘Your brain is revealing the building blocks of everyday experience'

Ella Rhodes collates a series of contributions from those researching vision and perception.

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‘I understood when I listened to people’s stories’

Deanne Bell is Senior Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at Nottingham Trent University. Deanne spoke to Deputy Editor Annie Brookman-Byrne about her desire to understand and repair the world.

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‘There is a spectrum of responses to killing far-off enemies’

Professor Peter Lee talks to Annie Brookman-Byrne about the experiences of armed drone pilots.

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What makes a psychologist?

We present the five winning entries from our 2019 ‘Voices In Psychology’ programme, along with extracts from some of the other submissions and a commentary from British Psychological Society President David Murphy.

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