What are the barriers to our profession, and how can we remove them?

The winners and runners up in our latest 'Voices In Psychology' programme.

'We should, as a profession, be siding with the dispossessed’

Ian Florance interviews Rachel Tribe, an occupational and counselling psychologist who is, among other roles, Professor of Applied Psychology at the University of East London.

Changing ideologies and the role of the educational psychologist

Lorna Selfe on a career spent swimming against the tide of segregation.

Valuing early career psychologists

Daniel Yon offers concrete suggestions for supporting and valuing early career researchers in psychology.

Psychoeducation doesn’t have to be boring

Fiona Zandt on creative ways to help children and families understand anxiety.

The Rorschach Test at 100

The Executive Board of the British Rorschach Society – Kari Carstairs, Justine McCarthy Woods, Marc Desautels and Kevin Lambe – trace the history of the often controversial test in this country, and provide an outline of its use today.

‘Careers are squiggly’

Ella Rhodes, Jon Sutton and Annie Brookman-Byrne report from the British Psychological Society’s Careers in Psychology online event.

AWEsome work

Anna Sutton on promoting Authenticity to enhance Well-being and Engagement at work.

Words which can catch a wolf

Fears of child sexual abuse are on the rise in the digital era, with the internet providing a perfect playground for predators. But could technology also be the solution? Talia Gilbey writes.

The harmonic healing houses of Turkey

Asude Ucal revisits the Darüsiffas.

The art of negotiation

Emma Young digests the research.

Mirroring the game of life

Keeping up with the psychology of the pandemic

Actions speak louder than words

Orchestra wins impact award

Six psychologists honoured in new year list

A treat for the senses

A candid look at exploited, vulnerable lives

‘Things were now differently different’

Professor Maria Gilbert 1938-2020

Engaging with climate change

Relationship status: It’s complicated

Finding light in the darkness

Vegan in a non-vegan world

A different kind of speciesism

Conducting quality research

One on one… with Dr Tendayi Viki

The nuances of language

Dr Richard 'Dick' Mein 1927–2020

Demystifying learning

From the President, February 2021

'How is a man supposed to be a man?'

Editorial, February 2021

William M. Cheyne 1938-2020

A vegan future?

Dr Annie Brookman-Byrne introduces the January issue.

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