New Year’s expectations

Our beliefs can powerfully shape our reality, says David Robson. Here’s how to make a positive self-fulfilling prophecy in 2022…

‘What do you stand for?’

In the latest episode of his podcast ‘Eighty Percent Mental’, Chartered Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Psychology Dr Pete Olusoga is joined by organisational psychologist and best-selling New York Times author, John Amaechi OBE, for an honest and inspiring conversation about racism, anti-racism, and what we all could or should be doing to make our communities fairer for everybody.

‘Asking the provocative questions is the real value we add’

Our editor Jon Sutton meets Professor Jonathan Passmore, Chair of the British Psychological Society’s new Division of Coaching Psychology.

Thinking back positively

Professor Hugh Koch discusses the psychology of writing his memoirs.

‘It’s a process that starts with simmering dissatisfaction…'

Ingrid Covington meets Professor Herminia Ibarra to talk identity and transition across our working lives.

So you survived a brain tumour… what next?

Rachael Simms-Moore was one of the lucky few – so why didn’t she feel it? A journey to understand and cope took her towards psychology.

Talent liberation

Dr Maggi Evans on a way to tackle the ‘Great Resignation’ and record vacancies.

Personality – A question of habit

In order to advance our discipline, we sometimes need to change the way the profession thinks of its central variables. We currently need to adjust our notion of personality to emphasise the routines of habit, argues Peter Warr.

Resolving to have a ‘psychologically rich’ 2022?

Emma Young digests the research.

One on one... Judith Eberhardt

We dip into the Society member database and pick out Judith Eberhardt, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Teesside University.

A glimpse of our potential

Ian Florance meets Steve Taylor, former Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Transpersonal Psychology Section.

The Psychologist guide to finding meaning

Our journalist Ella Rhodes hears from psychologists with evidence-based tips…

Agency and empowerment to ‘level up’

Lessons in motherhood, ACEs and compassion

A history of bisexuality

Inquiry into reproducible science

Big book review survey

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Inaugural awards from student committee

Editorial, January 2022

Dr Ramesh Pattni receives OBE

Calling 1972 Glasgow alumni

Featured Job: Clinical and Counselling Psychologist (Permanent, Home-Based)

Closing the door on labels?

On grief, healing and wholeness

The benefits of online teaching

Girls and dyslexia

Campaign to level up

Ableism in clinical psychology training

Developing trauma-responsive organisations

Wellbeing and social support

Psychologists make impact

The big cheese at work