From the archives: Suicide

We share links from The Psychologist and Research Digest archives.

Here are our past pieces on the topic of suicide:

- How can we understand the suicidal mind in the moment of crisis? Ella Rhodes speaks to three psychologists.

- 'Even the bleakest moments are not permanent' Our editor Jon Sutton interviews Rory O'Connor.

'We need a rethink, to support young families'
Psychologist Mary Barker with a personal reflection on the death of her adopted daughter Ruby by suicide.

- Striking similarities in personal stories: Kate Johnstone watches two documentaries on suicide.

What do you say? Karen Wetherall watches I Made This For You.

On World Mental Health Day 2018, the British Psychological Society called on the new Minister for Suicide Prevention to prioritise early intervention.

- New initiatives for working with suicide and self-harm.

- We interview Siobhan O'Neill.

- A review of 'Suicide and me', with Professor Green and Professor Rory O'Connor (who is interviewed here in 2013).

- Starting a national conversation about suicide: World-renowned expert Professor Rory O'Connor talks about his involvement in the BBC1 programme 'Life after suicide'.

- 'Suicide isn't an inevitable outcome of suicidal thoughts'.

- We report on the recent Harris Review on self-inflicted deaths amongst young people in custody, and Graham Towl and Tammi Walker consider prisoner suicide in this online-first publication, with contributions from a prison warden and the prison and probation ombudsman.

- In this piece from 2001, Rory O'Connor and Noel Sheehy look at the cognitive style that can lead people to self-harm or take their own lives.

- Psychologist suicide: Practising what we preach. How many psychologists or therapists do you know, or have you heard of, who have taken their own lives?

- What role does news reporting play in suicide? 

- From 2008, a look at masculinities and suicide.

- The psychology of suicide bombing, and the role of the media.

- Reporting from a suicide prevention conference.

- A review of the play 'Anatomy of a Suicide'.

- A free e-health service for those with suicidal thoughts.

- A window of opportunity at a dark time.

Messages of hope and determination.

- A review of the play based on Matt Haig's book 'Reasons to Stay Alive', plus an interview with Matt.

There has also been considerable coverage over on our Research Digest blog, including:

- Links between profession and suicide risk.

- Why do people think suicide is morally wrong?

- A study of suicide notes left by children and young teens.

- What's different about those who attempt suicide rather than just thinking about it?

- By treating depression do we also treat suicidality

- What does a person's writing style say about their risk of suicide?

- Goth subculture linked with history of suicide and self-harm

…and suicide gets dozens of other mentions in our archive… search them by date order here.

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