Children’s mental health

A round-up of our articles for Children's Mental Health week.

For Children’s Mental Health Week we bring you our top articles on the topic from the last few years. This year's theme is Growing Together: focusing on how children (and adults) can grow, and help others grow.

Breaking down barriers

Pooky Knightsmith on school-based approaches to mental health.

Call to close the gap in children's mental health support

A report from the Anna Freud Centre shares good practice in children's mental health support

Time to play | BPS 

The BPS's Time to Play Campaign

Learning in unexpected places

Elian Fink and Jenny Gibson on the importance of play in early childhood – including potentially for mental health.

Forging brighter futures with young care leavers

Duncan Gillard, Louise Hayes, Aoife McNally and Kate Willis on giving people skills to ‘reboot’ their lives.

Weathering the storm

Naomi Fisher looks to build a narrative of resilience for our children during Covid-19.

Child interpreters: Source of pride or cultural burden?

Sarah Crafter and Humera Iqbal on the positives and negatives of child language brokering in the everyday lives of immigrant families.

Cultivating wellbeing and mental health through gardening

Vaithehy Shanmuganathan-Felton, Luke Felton, Celia Briseid and Betty Maitland.

‘We should just be told to try our best’

Laura Nicholson and Dave Putwain provide an overview of exam anxiety, its effects and what psychologists can do to help reduce it.

Children’s friendships

Elian Fink and Claire Hughes review the evidence.

Rethinking siblings and mental illness

Christopher Griffiths and Jacqueline Sin offer support for the brothers and sisters of people affected by mental illness


Over on our Research Digest:

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Adults put off crucial conversations about race because they mistakenly think young children won’t understand – Emily Reynolds

The quality of the relationship between parents can shape their children’s life paths – Emily Reynolds

Five ways to boost resilience in children – Emma Young

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