Richard Stephens, Chair of the Psychologist and Digest Editorial Advisory Committee, with a personal plea.
Sergio Della Sala on 'open access' journal publishing; and his poetic offering.
Rather than simply raising awareness of neurodivergent people, Finola Farrant, Emma Owen, Fawn Lavina Hunkins-Beckford and Marta Jacksa argue that now is the time for universities to take concerted action to celebrate the collective neurodiversity of staff and students.
Chris Timms continues the discussion on pathocracy.
Margaret Crombie writes.
Mike Innes responds to our interview with Will Storr on storytelling.
Dr Laura Kilby (Sheffield Hallam University) sees parallels between Angela Rayner, her own life, and higher education.
Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, a British Psychological Society Fellow at the Centre for Compassion Research and Training, University of Derby, with a warning to us all…

Compassion and callousness are key processes in conflict. Exploring their evolutionary roots reveals some of the serious challenges we face as a species in preventing these horrendous...

Stephen Blumenthal with thoughts on leaders.
Ruben Ferreira with a letter from the May issue.
The debate continues, with the authors of our feature article - Robert D. McIntosh and Sergio Della Sala - responding to David Dunning.
Mike Scott responds to Andy Siddaway's article.
Sheila Thomas responds to John Radford's call.
John Raven questions a news report.
XR Psychologists write.
Cara Conlon with a letter from our May issue.
Bruno de Oliveira writes.
Bruno de Oliveira writes.
The conversation continues.
Christopher Gallop responds to a letter from our March issue.
David Dunning responds to our March cover feature.
We have reached out to those impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and will share their letters and calls for support here.
Dr Sanah Ahsan confronts the reality of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in clinical psychology training.
Lucy Foulkes argues that campaigns may not be helping, and in some ways may actively make people worse.