Tom Elliot writes.
Jim Wood writes.
Thoughts from David Clarke (full online version).
Katherine Carpenter, plus more news from the AGM of the British Psychological Society.
Harriet Evans on welcoming those with learning disabilities back into the community after lockdown.
Andrea Rymer, Dietitian at The Vegan Society, on how psychologists and dieticians can support vegans to eat in line with their beliefs and values, in response to a letter from Leigh Gibson.
Maria Carrera on taking care of seafarers.
Dr Allan Laville is Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and Dean of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Reading. As part of the Department of Psychology’s centenary celebrations, he led a recent webinar on this topic.
Dr Sheila Thomas writes.
Linda and Stewart Shuttleworth write.
Robert J. Edelmann responds.
David Hardman responds to our June cover feature.
Luna Centifanti, Andrea Flood, Beth Greenhill and Laura Golding on recent events at the University of Liverpool, and what they mean for Psychology.
Steve Flatt and Suzi Curtis (The Psychological Therapies Unit, Liverpool) on how Covid disrupted mental health service delivery, but in a positive way…
We asked on Twitter via @psychmag …
Briony Brownless reflects on how she prepared for interviews through changing how she felt about herself and using metacognition.
Asher Cashdan highlights some issues.
Jack Hughes on a new group to help promote environmentally conscious practices.
Stacey Evans responds to an article on applied psychology in dance by Dr Lucie Clements.
Dr Ruth Sims responds.
Louise Goddard-Crawley writes.
The current special group chair writes on the vote to form a Division.
From Professor Carol McGuinness as Interim Chair of the Board of Trustees.