'Psychologists P12 and P1' on the John Worboys case, and communication with the public on complex issues of risk and justice.
Dr Mike Bender looks towards a psychological understanding of the effects of the austerity policy, and what psychologists can do.
Dr Juergen Beckmann and Dr Tadhg MacIntyre respond to 'Trying to Tackle a Silent Problem' by Shakiba Oftadeh Moghadam.
Undergraduate student James Garbett considers male crying, with a little help from his friends.
Mohamed Gamal el-Din Abdelaal Khougali argues that Western psychology has much to gain by abandoning its largely Eurocentric view
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British Psychological Society members call for support in defending the pensions of university staff; Society representatives respond.
Shakiba Oftadeh Moghadam, a PhD Student at the University of Portsmouth, on rugby players’ mental health literacy.

Rugby players are perceived to be ‘mentally tough’, ‘indestructible’, acknowledged for their resilience and hardiness. But what happens when rugby players’ mental health wellbeing starts to...

John Richer considers the impact of insecurity on moral criteria and how people vote.
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The latest from Nicola Gale.
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The latest from Nicola Gale.
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