Several writers respond to Professor Rita Jordan's letter in the May issue.
Dr Peter Lee (University of Portsmouth) responds to Professor Albert Bandura's article in our February issue.
Fiona Williams and Julia Metcalfe respond to a letter in our April edition.
A conversation across the Atlantic, between Dr Tony Rousmaniere and Professor Miranda Wolpert.

Dr Tony Rousmaniere and Professor Miranda Wolpert are clinical psychologists; Tony is a practicing therapist in the US with adults, Miranda is an academic working on child and young...

Christopher Macy writes.
Another response to Professor Elizabeth Meins' 'Overrated/Underrated' article in the January edition.
The first from incoming British Psychological Society President Nicola Gale.
Praise for our relaunch!
A response.
Greta Sykes writes, and shares the work of five of her favourite female Russian poets.
Professor Rita Jordan writes.
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Dr Anne Greig argues that educational psychology is key to mental health in schools.
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Peter Kinderman's final contribution.
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Bill Gall is disturbed by our coverage.
Praise from Australia.
Should The Psychologist accept alcohol advertising?
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Hannah Lena Merdian and Kirsty Miller share their experience from the University of Lincoln, and call for views.
Following Professor Elizabeth Meins' article in the January issue, the debate continues.
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The debate on mental health revelations in The Psychologist continues.
Dr Mike Rennie responds to previous correspondence.