A letter from our June issue.
A letter from the June issue.
Chartered Psychologist Michael Heap on hypnosis and the ITV show.
Letters respond to the March article 'Words and sorcery'.
A letter in response to Jon Roiser's cover article for April's issue.
Is this an area in need of more research?
Letters respond to an APA journal banning the reporting of null hypothesis significance testing procedures and confidence intervals.
A letter concerning the Health Psychology qualification.
Professor Dorothy Bishop considers academic titles, and sexism.
In the wake of England's World Cup demise, former professional cricketer and Chartered Psychologist Alastair Storie considers whether elite sporting performance relies on crunching the numbers, or on an absence of thought.
Wasyl Nimenko argues for specific recognition of the issues facing those bringing bodies back to their home countries.
Jessica Bockler responds to Magda Osman's article in the February issue.
Dr Tom Freeman and Dr Thomas Richardson respond to Lorna MacKay's letter in the February issue.
Four letters respond to March's cover article, 'Words and sorcery'.
A query, and a response from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).
…From the March issue.
Professor Bruce Hood (University of Bristol) has an idea to increase public engagement.
Numerous signatories call psychologists to action; and we hear from the Chief Executive of Off the Record.
Professor Rita Jordan and Graham Collin's exchange of letters.
More from the February issue.
How can The Psychologist increase participation amongst ethnic minority groups? (Including editorial update).
Following Vaughan Bell and John Cromby's 'Head to Head' in the January issue, the discussion continues.
What might fat stigma mean for overweight practitioners?
The discussion concerning sex offenders and their treatment continues.
Professor Dorothy Bishop's guest column.