Four letters respond to March's cover article, 'Words and sorcery'.
A query, and a response from the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).
…From the March issue.
Numerous signatories call psychologists to action; and we hear from the Chief Executive of Off the Record.
Professor Bruce Hood (University of Bristol) has an idea to increase public engagement.
Professor Rita Jordan and Graham Collin's exchange of letters.
More from the February issue.
What might fat stigma mean for overweight practitioners?
How can The Psychologist increase participation amongst ethnic minority groups? (Including editorial update).
Following Vaughan Bell and John Cromby's 'Head to Head' in the January issue, the discussion continues.
The discussion concerning sex offenders and their treatment continues.
Professor Dorothy Bishop's guest column.
John Cromby ('yes') and Vaughan Bell ('no') go 'head to head'.
Neil Martin's 'Lighter side'
Rethinking Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
Dorothy Bishop is no fan of metrics, but here she argues for a more pragmatic reaction to them.
Problem gambling, 'colour blind' perspectives and more
The debate continues in our letters pages.
Martin Graff takes a 'bah humbug' look at some of the relevant research. Add your own views in the comments!
A round-up of other letters from the November issue.
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