intelligence testing; mindfulness; evaluating qualitative research; helping people into work; trauma; what has The Psychologist done for you?; and more

environmental psychology; the language of suicide; referendum; and more

tackling the environmental crisis; voluntary work; learning disability; and more

playing second fiddle to medics?; A-level; participant observation; and more

Robert J. Sternberg has some encouraging words for those who feel they aren’t ‘making a difference’

the soul; stigma; international assistance; in praise of cheap research; and more

voluntary work experience; replication; marathon running and risk; asylums; speaking out at seminars; healthcare informatics; dyslexia; and more

Paul Furey explores how simpler interventions can boost chances of business client success

advertising unpaid positions; replication; social norms; well-being; and more

Stuart J. Ritchie, Richard Wiseman and Christopher C. French with the opening contribution to a special on one of the cornerstones of scientific progress. This is followed by a variety of perspectives on replication and possible ways forward, from: Daniel Simons; Dave Nussbaum; Henry L. Roediger, III; Gregory Mitchell; Daryl Bem; Claudia Hammond; Daniel Bor; Sam Gilbert; Joshua Hartshorne and Adena Schachner; Alex Holcombe and Hal Pashler; Jelte Wicherts; and Stephen Pilling

impact factors; panic buying; REF; well-being psychology; and more

emotional response; impact; theoretical work psychology; Little Albert; and more

The first of a new series focusing on the person in psychological research and practice.

Alison Lee, from her perspective in neuropsychology, argues that psychologists need to get to know their participants

speaking out on the NHS; praise and criticism; Jon Driver; and more

A-level; e-professionalism; test copyright; horror; obituaries; and more

The first of a new series inviting discussion and debate on an ethical dilemma

The dilemma You are working with a client, Marina, who has heard about Dignitas, the Swiss assisted dying organisation, via a BBC programme (The Report: tinyurl.com/cnr8exs). Marina is in her late...

Peter Daggett on resistance to therapy amongst parents of children with impairment

trikes; secondary data; roots of horror; Tom Troscianko; riots; and much more

the most important problems in neuroscience; science and art; the NHS; psychology in France; standards of proficiency; hypnosis; psychodynamic therapy in New York; organisational effectiveness; and more

what the BPS is, and isn’t; helping applied psychology bloom; strategy and rioting; Anders Breivik; cameras in court; digital tourists; null results; and more

What was behind England’s riots, and how can psychology contribute going forward? Download PDF for full version.

personality disorder; Milgram; NHS reform; benchmarking; and more

accessing Society reports; men in psychology; Dorothy Bishop column; and more