Katie Voss and Alice McNamara reflect on the unrelenting standards for Assistant Psychologists.
Khadija Rouf argues that there is 'a real, and as yet, unnamed form of prejudice and discrimination against people who are survivors'.
Dominic McSherry on a debate and a journal special issue.
A letter from Dr Jermaine Ravalier.
A letter from Dr Jeremy Swinson.
A letter from Jonathan Dawson.
Dr Hazel McLaughlin writes on breaking silos and collaborating; why psychology needs to be agile and creative. How can we leverage the benefits of meaningful collaboration to build the BPS of the future?
A letter from Emma Haddleton; with a follow up from Lucy Cooper.
A letter from Tim Artus on the BPS Covid Coordinating Group.
Numerous psychologists call for review of the BPS Guidelines for Psychologists Working with Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversity; plus response.
Ex-member Kirsty Miller wrote with a letter; here, we explain what happened next.
Hannah Morris-Bankole and Dr Aileen Ho on a new survey; now with an update (April 2021).
Adrian West with a letter to the editor.
Maia Thornton, Mary Keeling and Christine Ramsey-Wade on racism.
Richard Woods writes on Pathological Demand Avoidance.
Craig A. Harper and Harry Purser argue that institutional virtue-signalling on racial inequality is not good enough, and suggest alternatives.
Sasha Priddy and James Randall respond to our June cover feature; plus additional letters from Stephen Munt, and Ian Parker.
Rachel Holt on the clinical psychology training process, and inclusion.
Liam Myles writes.
Judith Johnson, Anna Madill, Gina Z. Koutsopoulou, Charity Brown and Richard Harris.
Dimitra Theodoropoulou responds to an article on art therapy.
Mohamed Khougali on the therapeutic dimension of oral tradition.