Ewen Scott writes.
Mark Burton, Carolyn Kagan, Francis Vergunst - long-term advocates of divestment in terms of the Society's investment policy - welcome recent news.
A response to an article in our November edition.
A letter from our January edition.
Peter Collett with a letter from our January edition; plus a response.
Suzy J. Styles has a story about the wild west of lucky cowboys, and picking your team after the rodeo is over. If you've been following the open science/replication debate, you may find some of the key characters familiar… 

Luckville Rodeo has a coin-flipping competition. Apart from the bull-rides, the roping and the barrel race, there’s also a coin flipping league. 100 cowboys flip the coin 100 times each, and...

Dr David F. Marks, Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society, puts forward a wide-ranging theory he feels could provide a ‘backbone’ for our discipline.
Heather D. Flowe (University of Brimingham) with a view on the research evidence.
Three letters from our November edition.
A response to Brian Hughes' piece on exaggeration in psychology.
Responses to our September cover feature.
Georgina Hosang previews a free event on Gender Inequalities and Women’s Mental Health.
Sandie Hobley asks; Director of Policy and Communications Kathryn Scott replies.
Sister organisation to 'Mad in America' formed.
Alexander Bird with a different view on psychology's 'crisis'.
Narinder Kapur writes.
A role for 'gratitude letters' or an even lighter touch approach?
Two letters from our October edition on the Stanford Prison Experiment controversy.
Brian Hughes argues that we are prone to accentuating the positive, even when it comes to progress in improving our science.
Molly Ghinn on her experiences thanks to the University of Bristol.