an open letter to clinical psychology; cognitive fMRI; greening of psychology; humour issue; lobbying for social change; and much more

Mike Page, who is not a cognitive neuroscientist, does his bit for the planet in his own inimitable style

can we be lobbyists for social change?; retirement; intelligence; abortion; unpaid posts; #overlyhonestmethods; humour and health; and more

qualitative research and the REF; rape in India; intelligence; diagnosis; new environmental ‘Forum’ column; and more

the Levelt, Noort and Drenth Committees make their sole and final rejoinder to criticisms of their report on the Stapel fraud; male:female imbalance; and more

intelligence testing; mindfulness; evaluating qualitative research; helping people into work; trauma; what has The Psychologist done for you?; and more

environmental psychology; the language of suicide; referendum; and more

tackling the environmental crisis; voluntary work; learning disability; and more

playing second fiddle to medics?; A-level; participant observation; and more

Robert J. Sternberg has some encouraging words for those who feel they aren’t ‘making a difference’

the soul; stigma; international assistance; in praise of cheap research; and more

voluntary work experience; replication; marathon running and risk; asylums; speaking out at seminars; healthcare informatics; dyslexia; and more

Paul Furey explores how simpler interventions can boost chances of business client success

advertising unpaid positions; replication; social norms; well-being; and more

Stuart J. Ritchie, Richard Wiseman and Christopher C. French with the opening contribution to a special on one of the cornerstones of scientific progress. This is followed by a variety of perspectives on replication and possible ways forward, from: Daniel Simons; Dave Nussbaum; Henry L. Roediger, III; Gregory Mitchell; Daryl Bem; Claudia Hammond; Daniel Bor; Sam Gilbert; Joshua Hartshorne and Adena Schachner; Alex Holcombe and Hal Pashler; Jelte Wicherts; and Stephen Pilling

impact factors; panic buying; REF; well-being psychology; and more

The first of a new series focusing on the person in psychological research and practice.

Alison Lee, from her perspective in neuropsychology, argues that psychologists need to get to know their participants

emotional response; impact; theoretical work psychology; Little Albert; and more

speaking out on the NHS; praise and criticism; Jon Driver; and more

A-level; e-professionalism; test copyright; horror; obituaries; and more

The first of a new series inviting discussion and debate on an ethical dilemma

The dilemma You are working with a client, Marina, who has heard about Dignitas, the Swiss assisted dying organisation, via a BBC programme (The Report: tinyurl.com/cnr8exs). Marina is in her late...

Peter Daggett on resistance to therapy amongst parents of children with impairment

trikes; secondary data; roots of horror; Tom Troscianko; riots; and much more