Ewen Rennie follows up a letter from our November issue.
Catrin Pedder Jones on challenges facing PhD students.
Fergus Murray – science teacher, writer and 'autist' – on single attention and associated cognition in autism; a theory with a family connection…
Ewen Scott writes.
Mark Burton, Carolyn Kagan, Francis Vergunst - long-term advocates of divestment in terms of the Society's investment policy - welcome recent news.
A response to an article in our November edition.
A letter from our January edition.
Peter Collett with a letter from our January edition; plus a response.
Suzy J. Styles has a story about the wild west of lucky cowboys, and picking your team after the rodeo is over. If you've been following the open science/replication debate, you may find some of the key characters familiar… 

Luckville Rodeo has a coin-flipping competition. Apart from the bull-rides, the roping and the barrel race, there’s also a coin flipping league. 100 cowboys flip the coin 100 times each, and...

Dr David F. Marks, Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society, puts forward a wide-ranging theory he feels could provide a ‘backbone’ for our discipline.
Heather D. Flowe (University of Brimingham) with a view on the research evidence.
Three letters from our November edition.
A response to Brian Hughes' piece on exaggeration in psychology.
Responses to our September cover feature.
Georgina Hosang previews a free event on Gender Inequalities and Women’s Mental Health.
Sandie Hobley asks; Director of Policy and Communications Kathryn Scott replies.
Sister organisation to 'Mad in America' formed.
Alexander Bird with a different view on psychology's 'crisis'.
Narinder Kapur writes.