Eating disorders

We bring together our top content on eating disorders and find the best from elsewhere.

In 2019 a Select Committee report on NHS care for individuals with eating disorders highlighted serious failings from the NHS. The report pointed to a lack of training for doctors, long waiting times, and gaps in specialist, dedicated care.

Here we share our own recent articles on eating disorders, and selected TV, radio and articles from elsewhere online.


In The Psychologist and our Research Digest 

Hope, control and opportunity
Thea Fitch on her move from homelessness and eating disorders to becoming a psychologist working in these areas

‘It’s a privilege to work at Great Ormond Street, but it brings responsibilities’
Rachel Bryant-Waugh on her work in the Feeding and Eating Disorders Service

Can attachment theory help explain the relationship some people have with their “anorexia voice”?
Alex Fradera for the Research Digest

Quest for identity: recovering from eating disorders
Lucia Giombini outlines her work and thinking around anorexia

The ‘ugly stepsister’ of the eating disorder family
Nancy Tucker on bulimia nervosa

Orthorexia – slipping through the net?
Rachel Lisle on a less well-known eating disorder

Anorexia nervosa -on the autistic spectrum?
Clare Allely wonders whether the parallels might lead to novel therapy

They just need to care
Helen McCarthy reviews ‘The Year I Didn’t Eat’ by Samuel Pollen



Rethinking anorexia nervosa
BBC Radio 4. Sally Marlow on novel experimental techniques to treat anorexia

A grown-up approach to treating anorexia
Mosaic. Carrie Arnold on adults with destructive relationships with food 

Louis Theroux: Talking to anorexia
BBC iPlayer. Louis Theroux meets women with anorexia.

Gender orientation, body image and eating disorders
Appearance Matters podcast. Allegra Gordon on why trans individuals are at a higher risk of eating disorders

‘For five years we dreaded every meal’: My infant son’s struggle with food
The Guardian. Tahmima Anam on her experiences at a paediatric feeding disorder centre

Diabulimia: The world’s most dangerous eating disorder
BBC Three. Documentary about people with Type 1 diabetes who give themselves less insulin than they need in order to lose weight

Beat – the UK’s eating disorder charity
Find information and support on Beat’s website

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