A collection of articles and interviews from the archive on the psychology of being (and having) a father.

Dads get sad, too
Viren Swami withdrew from his newborn son. Here, he considers the lack of research and support around postnatal depression in fathers

‘Games have helped me a lot throughout my life’
Pete Etchells on his book Lost in a Good Game, and memories of his Dad

‘When I was born, my father was already no longer there’
We extract from A Father: Puzzle, a memoir by Sibylle Lacan, the second daughter of noted French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan

A poem by Rebecca Poinot about her dad, whose favourite number is three

Overrated: The predictive power of attachment
Elizabeth Meins on a concept she thinks is overrated

Kinship and loss
We pose some questions for Damien W. Riggs and Elizabeth Peel, about their book Critical Kinship Studies, and publish an exclusive extract on experiences of pregnancy loss

Mapping Fatherland
Our editor Jon Sutton is hugely impressed by a new play

‘I think my parenting was based on gut decisions’
A conversation between Alice Farrington and her father, David P. Farrington

Absent fathers and sexual strategies
Sarah E. Hill, Randi P. Proffitt Leyva and Danielle J. DelPriore take an evolutionary approach and uncover some surprising findings

‘Honey, I shrunk the kids’
Jon Sutton and Aidan Horner speak to the children of psychologists, and the psychologists themselves, about their parenting

The ascension of parent–offspring ties
How are bonds between parents and their grown-up children changing, and what impact do they have? Karen Fingerman looks at the evidence

Surrogacy families
An extract from Professor Susan Golombok's book Modern Families: Parents and Children in New Family Forms

New frontiers of family
Naomi Moller and Victoria Clarke explore embryo donation and voluntary childlessness

'I would like to abolish silo working'
'One on One' with Peter Fonagy, including being inspired by his Dad

Parenting next door to the bogeyman
Suzanne Dash on protecting children in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Responding to 'parent abuse'
Amanda Holt asks whether there is a role for psychology

Fathers' behaviours and children's problems
Eirini Flouri with an overview of the theory and evidence

Working lives: Disadvantaged young fathers-to-be
Mike White looks at fresh starts and second chances

Fatherhood: a lockdown silver lining
Jim Davis

Find plenty of studies digested on our Research Digest:
Parents play different roles in our health as adults: Mothers support us, while fathers are often ‘cautionary tales’ – Emily Reynolds
Researchers say growing up with a troubled or harsh father can influence women’s expectations of men, and, in turn, their sexual behaviour – Emma Young
This is what happened to fathers’ hormone levels when they watched their kids play football – Christian Jarrett
Weight gain in new fathers is a ‘real phenomenon’ that’s been subjected to a ‘striking lack’ of research – Christian Jarrett
Why fathers might want to thank their handsome sons – Christian Jarrett
First-time fathers describe their experiences of separation and helplessness – Christian Jarrett
Babies’ anxiety levels are related to their fathers’ nervousness, not their mothers’ – Christian Jarrett
Men feel more physically attractive after becoming a father – Christian Jarrett
Who’s the Daddy? Fathers invest more in children who resemble them – Christian Jarrett

And see our collection on mothers.

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