Dr Georgia Pavlopoulou, with the help of Jon Adams and Briony Campbell, reflects on a UCL-funded project to explore autistic people’s relationships during and after the lockdown.
Collecting together our special summer print edition, with a few extras.
Jim Davis on a study and report from Making Caring Common.
To tie in with the British Psychological Society's Annual Conference theme of 'Psychology of the future: Changing landscapes', we asked contributors for their '2040 visions'.
...from Jolanda Jetten, Stephen Reicher, Alex Haslam and Tegan Cruwys.

Yeah it’s your life do whatever you want, but you are now responsible for my life.... We started saying, ‘It’s not about me it’s about we.’ Get your head around the we concept. It’s not all...

An introduction to a special themed issue, 'Towards a new normal, and beyond', from Dr Jon Sutton.
Sarah Norgate and Cary Cooper on remote work and psychological autonomy.
Line Caes, Jocelyn Smith Carter and Lesley McGregor reflect on a student collaboration between the University of Stirling in Scotland and DePaul University in the USA.
In 2017 we published The Psychologist Guide to… University Life, 10 evidence-based tips to support new students in settling into university, studying well and looking after their health and finances. But now so much has changed…
Dr Sarah Hodge and Layla Johnson on the hidden struggles with technology use some people can experience at university.
We delve into the archive to pick out some highlights from this month in past years.
Rebecca Doyle, Claire Peatson and Rebecca Parmar with reflections from a female forensic service.
We hear from Emma Coulson, Service Development Manager at The Forward Trust, about a new role in changing times…
We collate articles and interviews from the archive with advice and tips for writing in psychology.
Linda Kaye on putting our online data to work.

It's 2040. You're still working in Psychology, but it has changed. How?

Nishat Babu on benefits for employer and employee.
In praise of the rediscovered long player…
‘Smoke & Mirrors: How hype obscures the future and how to see past it’ by Gemma Milne is published by Robinson (£13.99). With kind permission from the publisher we share the introductory chapter.
Eleonore Batteux considers whether the pandemic will change our desire to see the future as predictable.
Alex Sayers on her social enterprise working with young care leavers.
Georgina Ferguson on having and raising a new baby during lockdown.
A collection of articles and interviews from the archive on the psychology of being (and having) a father.
The winning entries from a BPS Conference 2020 student competition, around the theme of Psychology of the Future: Changing Landscapes.
Selected extracts from a new book, 'Human Rights Education for Psychologists' (Routledge, 2020). Here, Nora Sveaass and Michael Wessells give some background, and then Sarah Butchard, Tommy Dunne, Hilda Engel and Artemis Giotsa present 'stories of human rights'.
Gavin Miller considers science fiction and psychology.

Modern psychology begins in the late 19th century, with the work of Wilhelm Wundt and William James. The same period also sees the origins of modern science fiction: James’s The Principles of...