Esra Hassan with a perspective for World Alzheimer's Day, grounded in her PhD research.
Two Assistant Psychologists reflect upon their experiences of managing a change in their role in a secure inpatient setting during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Like everyone, Psychologists can experience mental health issues and also have other areas of their personal lives which they decide whether or not to talk about. Here, we collect coverage from the archive.
Psychologist Mary Barker with a personal reflection on the death of her adopted daughter Ruby by suicide.
We hear from Lead Psychologist Hugo Santos.
Dr Jon Sutton introduces the issue.
Dr Nic Hooper on students and self-stories.
Kyle Kelleher considers Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the need to discuss family trauma.
Freddy Jackson Brown, Paul Cooper, Emma Balfour and Mary Stanley-Duke.

For most people, the word evolution is synonymous with genetics and how DNA changes when species adapt to their environments. But this ‘gene-centric’ view misses a far richer and ultimately...

Omobolanle Balogun, third year BSc Psychology Undergraduate at Aston University, on a placement experience.
Dane McCarrick with some insights from a natural experiment afforded by the pandemic…
Jon Sutton introduces the September edition.
Emma Young digests the research…
On International Friendship Day we trawl our archive for insights into why friendship matters and how we can connect safely during the pandemic.
Luis Gómez-Ordóñez, Glenn Adams, Kopano Ratele, Shahnaaz Suffla, Garth Stevens and Geetha Reddy engage the decolonial project that Dr Deanne Bell outlined in these pages last year.
An edited extract from Dr Josephine Perry’s book ‘I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness’, with kind permission from the publisher Sequoia books.
Lawrence Howells turns to health and emotion.

Three years after qualifying as a clinical psychologist, I found myself facing a significant dilemma. I was asked to speak to college students about youth mental health and, despite a decade...

Ella Rhodes and Annie Brookman-Byrne talk to psychologists about its impact.
Emma Brooks, Chloe Chessell, Emily Davey, Emily Day, Hannah Marcham, Zoe Ryan and Chloe Williams are researchers at the University of Oxford and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust in The Oxford Psychological Interventions for Children and adolescents (TOPIC) Research Group. Here, they share experiences working on a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded study called identifying Child Anxiety Through Schools (iCATS).

Imagine you are recruiting participants for your research. During a phone call to confirm consent from a participant they unexpectedly begin to discuss their partner’s substance abuse and its...

Christian Pszyk on Emotional Periodisation and why it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.
Emma Young digests research on money.
Jon Sutton introduces the July/August edition, with links to the themed content.
An adapted extract from 'Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People to do Great Work' by Sarah Rozenthuler (2020, FT Pearson).
Does imagery enhance resilience and soldier success on the All-Arms Commando Course? Jonathan Rhodes and his team have been finding out.