An edited extract from Dr Josephine Perry’s book ‘I Can: The Teenage Athlete’s Guide to Mental Fitness’, with kind permission from the publisher Sequoia books.
Lawrence Howells turns to health and emotion.

Three years after qualifying as a clinical psychologist, I found myself facing a significant dilemma. I was asked to speak to college students about youth mental health and, despite a decade...

Ella Rhodes and Annie Brookman-Byrne talk to psychologists about its impact.
Emma Brooks, Chloe Chessell, Emily Davey, Emily Day, Hannah Marcham, Zoe Ryan and Chloe Williams are researchers at the University of Oxford and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust in The Oxford Psychological Interventions for Children and adolescents (TOPIC) Research Group. Here, they share experiences working on a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funded study called identifying Child Anxiety Through Schools (iCATS).

Imagine you are recruiting participants for your research. During a phone call to confirm consent from a participant they unexpectedly begin to discuss their partner’s substance abuse and its...

Christian Pszyk on Emotional Periodisation and why it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.
Emma Young digests research on money.
Jon Sutton introduces the July/August edition, with links to the themed content.
An adapted extract from 'Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People to do Great Work' by Sarah Rozenthuler (2020, FT Pearson).
Does imagery enhance resilience and soldier success on the All-Arms Commando Course? Jonathan Rhodes and his team have been finding out.
An extract from How Confidence Works: The new science of self-belief, why some people learn and others don’t by Ian Robertson (Bantam Press).
Hope Samuel on Healthworker Talk, a podcast in which they talk with NHS workers; and producer David Ian Neville with some practical guidance.
An extract from the new book by Emmy van Deurzen, 'Rising From Existential Crisis: Life Beyond Calamity'.
Abbeygail Jones, Helen Winter and Alison Beck on supporting NHS Mental Health Staff during the Covid-19 outbreak.
For our annual poetry competition we asked for entries related to the BPS policy theme, ‘From poverty to flourishing’. We present the winning poem followed by three runners up… plus a poem commissioned by the BPS from member and spoken word artist Sanah Ahsan.
For our latest Voices In Psychology competition, looking to identify and nurture new writing talent, we asked the question…
Experiences from the Psychologists for Social Change network.
Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington with a socio-ecological perspective on decision-making in contexts of poverty.
A chapter from Darren McGarvey’s book Poverty Safari
Claire Foster is Professor of Psychosocial Oncology, Director of the Centre for Psychosocial Research in Cancer (CentRIC) in Health Sciences, University of Southampton. She told us about this work.
David Robson meets psychologists considering the importance of how poverty is framed.
Rhiannon Cobner, Jen Daffin and Sarah Brown with a psychosocial ecological approach to flourishing.

The World Bank recently warned of a ‘truly unprecedented increase’ in the levels of poverty people will face as the result of the pandemic. This has the potential to roll back decades of...

Archive content on the psychological impact of being in nature.
Dr Jon Sutton introduces the issue.