Health Psychologist Karen Rodham gets creative during lockdown.
Liuba Papeo is prompted to reevaluate her life’s work…
Taryn Talbott reflects on using Instant Messaging to conduct qualitative research remotely.
Sarah Pickup with reflections on past, present and future.
Our series of 'eye on fiction' pieces from over the years, collected.
Kyle Kelleher imports ideas from Japanese suicide prevention efforts. He argues that cross-cultural collaboration is the key in raising awareness.
Lee Clarke on how and why Psychology and Buddhism have become firm friends.
Carl Walker seeks to make sense of the mutual aid response to coronavirus, and how to sustain it in an era of entrenched inequality.
Anne Templeton has suggestions to build inclusive supervision environments.

If we want to dismantle inequality and build a more inclusive discipline then it is time to reflect on the issues of sexism and power dynamics that still persist, identify ways to improve, and...

Rupert Brown considers the life and legacy of Henri Tajfel (1919-1982).
… and tackling it requires reckoning with the past that brought us here, argue Jacy L.Young and Peter Hegarty.

A psychologist (a man) brings you (a woman undergraduate student) into the laboratory and asks you to read aloud to them a series of 12 explicit sexual words and two sexually graphic passages...

Jennifer E. Symonds considers whether lockdown can actually improve your mental health and wellbeing.
Evelina Thunell, Asifa Majid and Johan N. Lundström
Sharon Cox argues that now is not the time to afford smoking tacit approval.
We collect together links to some of our recent book extracts and conversations with authors.
Professors Daryl and Rory O’Connor reflect on how being identical twins has influenced their professional lives, plus links to archive content on siblings.
Jon Sutton introduces the issue.
We need your submissions for a special summer edition.
Last year Martijn Hofman and Janneke Woudstra, mental health professionals and colleagues at the Dutch mental health organisation the Parnassia Group, worked for several weeks for the Boat Refugee Foundation as volunteers to provide psychological aid to the refugees that are living in camp Moria (Lesbos, Greece). Martijn Hofman wrote a personal essay on their experience.
Letticia Banton with reflections on coronavirus from a wounded-healer relational psychotherapy perspective.
Dr Janice Smith on the challenges of an acceptance-based approach with frontline health staff.
Emma Smith on the challenges of ongoing research during global crisis.
Dr Jeanne Wolstencroft on an essential instrument in the toolbox.
Bonamy Oliver and Alison Pike on the need for study, how pandemic measures have affected it, and a possible solution.
Naomi Fisher with an update to her recent article, as children learn at home during the coronavirus pandemic.