We dip into our archives, plus guidelines from the British Psychological Society.
We bring together our top content on eating disorders and find the best from elsewhere.
A round-up of our reports from the Society's Annual Conference on the psychological impact of inequality.
Employer: HM Prison & Probation Service
Within this special collection, a range of articles explore different elements of alcohol use.

From the language we use, to digital interventions and considerations from those working on the frontline, this issue brings together authors from different backgrounds to share their insights...

James Morris and Claire Melia.

When harmful drinkers are asked about their relationship with alcohol, they are often quick to point out who the ‘real’ problem drinkers are… and it’s not them…

Dr Michael Kelleher is a consultant addictions psychiatrist at the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust. He is the Clinical Lead for the Lambeth Addictions consortium, an innovative and effective collaboration between the NHS, Addaction, Phoenix, Blenheim and the local authority. James Morris spoke to him (with thanks to Claire Melia for transcribing and editing).
Emma L. Davies, Zarnie Khadjesari, Olga Perski and Claire Garnett on digital interventions to reduce alcohol consumption.
Will Haydock with a report from the bureaucratic frontline.

Perhaps more than any area of healthcare, treatment for alcohol-related issues can involve myriad funders and providers. How is this network of provision working, and what are the lessons for...

What's it like to be a forensic psychologist?
We bring you our top picks from the archive, and elsewhere, on dementia.
Employer: Adult Gender Identity Clinic, The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust
Insight from Dr Keon West introduces a themed trawl of our archive for Mental Health Awareness Week.
An exclusive chapter from 'All the Ghosts in the Machine: Illusions of Immortality in the Digital Age', by Elaine Kasket (courtesy of Robinson).
Elisabeth de Mariaffi with an essay from the collection 'Whatever Gets You Through: Twelve Survivors on Life after Sexual Assault'.
Ruth Spence, Lisa Kagan and Antonia Bifulco find it’s not a straightforward question…
Catherine Lido on using novel technology to explore inclusion in Learning Cities.
A themed trawl of the archive…
Trevor Harley on the effects of weather and climate on personality and behaviour.

In 1990, when the UK temperature record was beaten with 37.1°C recorded on 3 August in Cheltenham, and when the record fell again in 2003, with 38.1°C at Kew Gardens, the media went crazy and...

Where in the brain is creativity? Arne Dietrich ponders whether we’re asking the right questions.
We bring together our lobotomy articles, and point to our top picks from elsewhere.
Following the Notre Dame fire, we consider the importance of objects and things.
An exclusive extract from 'The Psychology of Dog Ownership', by Theresa Barlow and Craig Roberts, published by Routledge Psychology as part of their 'The Psychology of Everything' series.
Rachel Batchelor on the challenges facing the ‘forgotten’ brothers and sisters of seriously ill children.

Siblings can shape our character, share so many experiences with us and may know us better than anyone. Healthy sibling relationships are associated with lower levels of depression and more...