Last year Martijn Hofman and Janneke Woudstra, mental health professionals and colleagues at the Dutch mental health organisation the Parnassia Group, worked for several weeks for the Boat Refugee Foundation as volunteers to provide psychological aid to the refugees that are living in camp Moria (Lesbos, Greece). Martijn Hofman wrote a personal essay on their experience.
Letticia Banton with reflections on coronavirus from a wounded-healer relational psychotherapy perspective.
Dr Janice Smith on the challenges of an acceptance-based approach with frontline health staff.
Emma Smith on the challenges of ongoing research during global crisis.
Dr Jeanne Wolstencroft on an essential instrument in the toolbox.
Bonamy Oliver and Alison Pike on the need for study, how pandemic measures have affected it, and a possible solution.
Naomi Fisher with an update to her recent article, as children learn at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
We delve into the archive to pick out some highlights from this month in past years.
The latest from Sarb Bajwa.
Lynne Rothwell on the benefits of knitting and other crafts during lockdown.
Rhi Wilmott with some evidence-based life lessons.
Nisha Pushpararajah with a personal perspective grounded in collectivism.
Stephen Reicher, John Drury and Clifford Stott on views of the public driving policy.
Terri Apter with a view; plus an update on work-life balance.
Does alcohol have an essential psychological function during isolation? Emma Davies and James Morris on the arguments.
Anita Mehay (Research Fellow and Health Psychologist, UCL), Jane Ogden (Professor of Health Psychology, University of Surrey) and Rosie Meek (Professor of Criminology & Psychology, Royal Holloway).
Health Psychologist and member of the UK Government’s Covid-19 Behavioural Science Advisory Group Professor Susan Michie, as told to the British Psychological Society's Saskia Perriard-Abdoh.
Jerome Carson and colleagues write on 'first person accounts'.
Matthew Warren, editor of our Research Digest, investigates.
Sue Holttum on bringing lived experience and applied psychology to art therapy.
Liam Cross gets in sync in search of solutions to intergroup conflict.

Every known culture engages in acts of rhythmic synchrony. Coordinated displays are even speculated to have been an early method of communication that may pre-date language. Locking in with...

Dave Neale on a growing yet under-explored area.

Play for adults is thriving. Adults are playing more often and in more diverse ways than at any time in recent history – perhaps than in all history. But what is it doing for us?

A collection of links to our articles on compassion and empathy.
Nejra Van Zalk and Claire P. Monks preview their book Online Peer Engagement in Adolescence, published by Routledge this month .

The recent quarantine in the UK and many other countries in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the majority of children and young people will not be attending school or...