Nathan Smith and Emma Barrett look to extreme environments for tips.
Professor Craig Jackson is concerned for those who already have conditions around hand washing.
Giovanni Felice Pace takes an existential perspective on coronavirus.
Stephen Reicher, John Drury and Clifford Stott on narratives of 'panic buying'.
Chris Keyworth on information and misinformation during the coronavirus outbreak.
Our journalist Ella Rhodes spoke to Dr Holly Carter and Dr Dale Weston, Public Health England.
Dr Evangelos Ntontis Lecturer in Social Psychology (Canterbury Christ Church University) on coronavirus.
Ella Rhodes hears from Professor Brooke Rogers OBE.
Olivier Klein on the apparent role of 'nudge theory' in the UK government strategy.
Stephen Reicher and John Drury argue for an identity-based approach to coronavirus.
Job Title: Associate Clinical Psychologist
We collect together archive links for four psychologists changing the way we think about collective action.
Joanna Griffin on emotional wellbeing in parents of disabled children.

When I had children, you know, it was going to be sand holidays, rock pools, drinking cocoa watching the stars… as opposed to running through the house trying to prevent a three-year-old from...

Jon Sutton introduces the issue.
We delve into the archive to pick out some highlights from this month in past years.
Katy Mitchell reflects on unknown endings.
Nikolay Petrov and Oliver Robinson.
Ella Rhodes collates a series of contributions from those researching vision and perception.
In 2012 Robert McIntosh and Sergio Della Sala, both at the University of Edinburgh, published an article in The Psychologist on mirror-writing, which has had a surprising impact. The article is the most read piece on our website ever; viewed hundreds of thousands of times, and still getting around 10,000 views a month. We caught up recently with the authors, to talk about the article’s success, and to get an update on any developments in the field.
Emma Young digests the research.
Ginny Smith talks to Dr Sam Hughes about pain, to introduce the latest episode of our Research Digest podcast, PsychCrunch. We also share a collection of articles from the archive on pain.
Psychologists are actively working on the response to Covid-19, and psychological theory / research is relevant in many ways… this page will serve as a growing resource collecting those contributions.
Adapted with permission of the publisher from the book 'Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy' written by Zazie Todd and published by Greystone Books in March, 2020.
Dr Richard G. Ford is a corporate psychologist specialising in leadership coaching and senior executive assessments, and his book on ‘How Leadership Reputations are Won and Lost’ is out now (Libri Publishing). This book gets to grips with how and why careers are successful, falter or plateau; how our reputation is formed in the real world, and what makes the difference between winning and losing a reputation; and how to take control to manage and develop your reputation and build a personal brand.