John F. Cryan addressed the annual conference of the British Psychological Society’s Psychobiology Section.

We are living in a microbial world. The microbes were there first, and in terms of genes we are more than 99 per cent microbial. As a neuroscientist it’s humbling to think that the weight of...

Robert East seeks to understand the diffusion of innovation.

I have spent much of the last two decades researching the role of word of mouth in consumer behaviour. How does innovation spread? 

Viren Swami withdrew from his newborn son. Here, he considers the lack of research and support around postnatal depression in fathers.
Employer: Midlands Psychology CIC – NHS service providers since 2010.
An exclusive extract from Elizabeth Stokoe's new book 'Talk – the Science of Conversation' (published by Robinson).
Bergljot Gjelsvik, Alice Tickell, Ruth Baer, Chris O’Neill and Catherine Crane call for more rigour and less hype.
Eloise Stark looks under the radar.

More than 1 in 100 people in the UK are estimated to have an autism spectrum condition (ASC) – a ‘triad’ of impairments related to social interaction, social communication and social...

The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Elizabeth Stokoe introduces a special collection by tuning in to conversation analysis: in particular, is it better to ‘talk’ or ‘speak’? Includes contributions from José-Miguel Fernández-Dols, Saul Albert, Stuart Reeves and Martin Porcheron, Alexa Hepburn and Jenny Mandelbaum, Elliott Hoey, and Emily Hofstetter.
An exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Retirement' by Doreen Rosenthal and Susan Moore, part of Routledge's 'The Psychology of Everything' series. Is retirement good for your health?
An exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Chess' by Fernand Gobet, part of Routledge's 'The Psychology of Everything' series.
An exclusive chapter from 'The Psychology of Weather' by Trevor Harley, part of Routledge's 'The Psychology of Everything' series.
Martin Seager and Heena Chudasama on a community-based well-being initiative involving psychologists and volunteers.
Dr Anke Kossurok with experience and advice.
Mike Drayton, Jessica Memarzia and Sarah Robinson on work with NHS England.
Sergio A. Silverio with a personal take on modern constructions of ancient family values. Online exclusive.
The Psychologist A to Z continues.
Ella Rhodes talks to psychologists in our end of days. Includes online extra.

On the third Halloween since The Wretchedness, we bring you this special report from one of the last remaining strongholds – the surprisingly sturdy offices of the British Psychological...

Christine Parsons and Melanie Rosen on how we construct an image by sharing activity data and dream reports.

When did you last tell someone about a dream you had? Do you have a friend who regularly shares their step count, as measured by their latest fitness tracker? Sharing both types of intimate...

An exclusive chapter from David Cohen's book 'The Psychology of Vampires', part of Routledge Psychology's 'The Psychology of Everything' series.
Antonia Bifulco on her own adventures in family history.

Most of us are interested in our origins and family histories. Can psychology aid us in discovering identity through such research? Can sharing our family stories lead to uncovering common or...

Paula Nicolson looks at developing identities in the 21st century.

Discovering family roots, or genealogy, has become a favourite pastime for many. The sheer volume of TV programmes, magazines and ‘how to’ books bear witness to this. Genealogy fascinates...

Emily Hutchinson on how organisations can improve safety by really understanding psychology.

All organisations have a duty to keep their employees safe, and most organisations sink considerable amounts of money and time in minimising risk. Yet things still go wrong. Why? And can a...

Jim Horne wonders why more psychologists aren't fascinated by yawning.
An exclusive chapter from 'The Genius Checklist: Nine Paradoxical Tips on How You Can Become a Creative Genius', by Dean Keith Simonton. Tip 9: Withdraw Alone to an Isolated Retreat / Social Network with Kindred Spirits!