Maddi Pownall on how the coronavirus pandemic might shape psychologists’ interactions with each other.
Chris Cocking on the dangers if 'we're in this together' feels like empty rhetoric.
Colm Mulcahy on the role of habitual behaviours in sustainable transport post-lockdown.
Vaithehy Shanmuganathan-Felton, Luke Felton, Celia Briseid and Betty Maitland.
Ishbel McWha-Hermann and Rosalind Searle rethink poverty in the light of Covid-19.
Rebecca Graber on why (and how) to do community-oriented psychology research during Covid-19.
Imogen Mathews reflects on the themes and evidence underlying her artwork.
Sandra Lovell on the place of Personal Protective Equipment in safety controls for Covid-19.
Coralee Pringle-Nelson on post-traumatic growth.
Richard Pemberton and Tony Wainwright on using the lessons of Covid-19 to move on.

“We have severed nearly all the natural physical constraints on the growth of our species: we can live anywhere from the Arctic to the...

Lorraine Crawley learns from her clients in uncertain times.
Susan Brannick on a potentially neglected field.

Curiously enough, the dolphins had long known of the destruction of planet Earth, and had made attempts to alert mankind to the danger; but most of their communications were misinterpreted as...

Janet Empson on children’s views of the coronavirus pandemic.
Joanne A. Rathbone, Jolanda Jetten, Fiona Kate Barlow, and Jasmine Russell challenge the assumptions of anti-obesity campaigns.
Elizabeth Haines, Lauren Taylor, Rachel Ison, Sarah Dunstan, Sarah Hollingsworth, Jessica Blumsom, Holly Ellerton and Danielle Hills.
Lauren Jones, with supervisors Dr Ailsa Russell and Professor Mark Brosnan, on emerging lessons from the 'Somehow' project.
Educational Psychologist Elizabeth Gillies considers models to help children deal with unexpected forks in the road.
David Robson on psychological efforts to achieve ‘herd immunity’ against the spread of misinformation in pandemic times.
Dr. Gail Sinitsky and Dr. May Lene Karlsen on how children should co-construct their ‘new normal’.
Employer: Outcomes First Group.
Will increased exposure to the benefits system in the wake of Covid-19 increase empathy for claimants? Kelly Camilleri, Katie Voss and Vicki Weare.
Nancy K. Schlossberg with a personal and professional perspective on pandemic transitions for more senior people; now with added update.
Health Psychologist Angel Chater has spoken openly about bereavement over the last two decades. Here, she urges society to recognise and be open about loss.
Since the start of the pandemic, we have been collecting links to perspectives and resources elsewhere…
We delve into the archive to pick out some highlights from this month in past years.